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Oct. 9 Jake Marisnick pregame interview

THE MODERATOR: Questions for Jake.

Q. Jake, when they made the trade for Gomez, would you have imagined then that you'd be in this spot, that you'd be starting and making the plays you are on such a big stage?

JAKE MARISNICK: I mean, when that trade happened, obviously, wouldn't be playing as much, but my mindset was just to help the team win. Whether it be pinch-running or defensive replacement or whatever. So I mean, to be here on this stage, it's been a lot of fun.

Q. You got off to that great start with the bat in April and then kind of went downhill. Seems like you picked it back up. Have you kind of settled into your role now and what the team expects for you and what you can provide?

JAKE MARISNICK: Yeah, I mean, something I can bring every day is defense. And, I mean, I feel like I've done a pretty good job. I've taken my offense out there with me. Any time I can impact the game, taking runs off the board is the same as putting runs on. Something to take out there and have fun with.

Q. Jake, A.J. Hinch kind of raved about you yesterday in your defense and what you do. Just his approach to you and how he's dealt with the whole situation with juggling the guys and his relationship with players, young players, how has he helped you this season?

JAKE MARISNICK: Oh, he's been awesome. He's been open with us all and kind of keeping us in the loop in what's going on. For the clubhouse and what he's done to keep us kind of level-headed and comfortable, he's been awesome this whole year.

Q. Jake, can you talk about the pride you take in your defense.

JAKE MARISNICK: Yeah. I mean, ever since I was a kid, it's kind of something I've loved doing. I've loved being out there, running around and chasing down fly balls and, I mean, just reminds me of being a kid and playing Little League and playing in the back yard with my brother.

To be out here in this stadium and doing it in a game like this is, I mean, it's a dream come true. It's something I've always wanted to do.

Q. Jake, you and George have kind of friendly competition between each other all the time. A.J. said yesterday you were the best defensive center fielder on the team. Do you think that settles things between you and George?

JAKE MARISNICK: I don't think that will ever be settled.

Q. The other question, do you look at defensive numbers? Do you have any sense of where you stand in the field of everybody else? Or not pay attention to that?

JAKE MARISNICK: No. I mean, I feel like we're pretty good as a group out there, and I think we're only getting better. The longer we play together this year, I think we've kind of wen feeding off each other and we've been helping each other all year.

Q. Jake, we asked A.J. a minute ago, what does it do for you guys, coming into Game 2, after getting Game 1 in this situation?

JAKE MARISNICK: I mean, that was huge for us to come out and get that first one. I think we're just kind of riding that wave. And we came out early and got on early yesterday, and I think that went a long way in getting that win.

What Collin did kind of speaks for itself, coming out of after the rain delay and giving us those innings was unbelievable.

Q. Jake, going into the year, there was all these questions about your bat. Do you feel that this year has proven that you can be an everyday Big Leaguer and that you are a Big Leaguer after coming up and down a little bit before?

JAKE MARISNICK: I mean, it's been a big learning experience this year in being able to be in a clubhouse like this where you're comfortable and I think that's gone a long way in, I mean, just continuing to improve. And we've got a lot of good hitters in that clubhouse. To be able to learn from them and pick their brains is going to be very beneficial for the rest of the group.

Q. Jake, do you get kind of ramped up when a fly ball pitcher like Kazmir is pitching? A lot like the infielders do when Keuchel's pitching? You got eight put-outs here in Kansas City when Kazmir made his debut for the as Astros. I'm sure you're probably going to get a lot of action today?

JAKE MARISNICK: Yeah, I think I get ramped up every time I'm out there in the outfield. Doesn't matter who's on the bump.

Q. What's the scouting report you guys look for in Johnny Cueto?

JAKE MARISNICK: He's a good pitcher. We're just looking to get some balls over the plate, getting good pitches to hit. He does a lot of timing stuff to mess with your timing a little bit, so make sure you're on time with him and, I mean, like to jump on him early.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Jake. Good luck today.