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Orioles' Guthrie Gets Support from Bieber Following Visit to MLB Fan Cave

Earlier this month, Ryan and I staged a a pop music intervention with Orioles starting pitcher and big Justin Bieber fan Jeremy Guthrie at the MLB Fan Cave. The #thickish and I sincerely hoped that the intervention would help Guthrie branch out in his musical tastes while curing his severe case of Bieber Fever.

Unfortunately, it seems that our efforts have been unsuccessful and Guthrie has fallen back into his old Bieber-loving ways. Last night, the Baltimore star even tweeted at the pop sensation himself, @justinbieber, letting him know that he is still a #BELIEBER.

I really felt that our intervention would at least have a minor impact on Guthrie's musical listening habits. After Bieber responded to Guthrie with a tweet of support, however, it is now time to concede that attempting to cure his Bieber Fever is a lost cause. He is a true fan for life.

As a matter of fact, Guthrie will even warm up to a Bieber song before his start against the Red Sox today. So, I guess we will just have to learn to embrace his immense Bieber fandom.

Which Bieber song should Guthrie choose for his warm-up? Tweet me at @mikeyoh21.