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Pepsi Max Field of Dreams Game

Imagine taking the field for a pick-up game with Johnny Bench, Ozzie Smith, Mike Schmidt, Frank Thomas, Rickey Henderson, Reggie Jackson and other former baseball greats.

Sounds like a dream, right?

For two lucky fans it was a dream come true at the Pepsi MAX Field of Dreams Game in Rochester, N.Y. this past weekend.

Fred McGriff, Trevor Hoffman, Wade Boggs, Pedro Martinez. The list goes on.

The Pepsi MAX Field of Dreams contest winner, Johnny Perotti, assembled a team to play alongside the American League legends against contest runner-up Stephen Katchmark and the National League legends.

The National League won the game, 11-7, in six innings.

Outcome aside, what a cool experience for not only the people who got to play in the game, but the fans who got to see it and interact with living legends less than 200 miles from the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

And I thought I had a sweet gig.