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Brown impressing Manuel in camp

LAKELAND, Fla. -- Domonic Brown blasted a solo home run to right field in the eighth inning of Sunday's 5-5 tie against the Tigers at Joker Marchant Stadium.

Brown is competing for a roster spot and playing time, and has been swinging the bat well early in camp. If he keeps it up, he could secure regular playing time once the season starts, regardless of when injured outfielder Delmon Young gets on the field.

"We've got 10 outfielders," said Phillies manager Charlie Manuel. "Somewhere along the line, probably like two-thirds of the way through Spring Training, we're going to have to at least make some decisions on four of them. That would be the first thing, probably. We're going to try to get them all some playing time so we can see them enough. But if somebody really jumps out and gets going like Brown ... last three days he's swung good, he's played good outfield and stuff like that -- we can settle on a guy."

But, so far so good for Brown.

"You notice how nice and easy and staying behind, nice and good balance, staying behind the ball [he is]," said Manuel. "[He has] big power and he shows it. … He has the potential to be a good hitter. We're talking average and power, especially in some of those National League ballparks, and that would really help us."