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Postseason Thoughts From an Unbiased Fan

So we’re a little a halfway through the Division Series and not having a horse in the race took a whole lot of stress off my shoulders /cries about Angels. Anyways, here’s the story so far…

Tigers vs A’s

The Tigers have taken a commanding lead in the series and are probably in San Francisco getting ready for the madness that will wait for them in Oakland. Most teams would crumble while down 0-2 in a division series but the A’s aren’t most teams.

Series Prediction

A lot of Bernie leaning will be going on the next two games, but I think the Tigers end up winning the 5th game. Per usual, I’m probably wrong. So thank me later, A’s fans.

Yankees vs Orioles

The crowd was electric at Camden Yards, but the Yankees seem to not let that get to them as they took Game 1 in the series.

Series Prediction

The O’s put a bird on it and head to New York with a ton of momentum on their side. The Bronx is going to be loud, rowdy, and possibly frightening, but I have a feeling the O’s bullpen will withstand the noise. O’s take the series in game 4. PUT A BIRD ON IT!

Giants vs Reds

AT&T is a huge park. It contains even the gnarliest of hitters. Unfortunately for the Giants, the Reds took a commanding 2-0 lead and head back home to hopefully wrap up the series in front of their fans.

Series Prediction

I DON’T KNOW! I think the Giants can bounce back and for the sake of my fellow Dweller Ashley Chavez I hope they do, but it’s going to be a crazy fight. That magic from 2010 better show up, otherwise the Reds have this in the bag. Huh? You want me to answer who’s taking the series? I DON’T WANT TO!

Cardinals vs Nationals

The Nationals took game one, and the Cardinals evened the series with a dominant win this afternoon. It's shaping up to be an exciting series.

Series Predictions

I’m at a cross in the road. I want Kyle to be happy but if I pick the Cards to win, they’ll lose. If I pick the Nationals to win, the Cardinals will win. So, like the good friend I am, I’m going to say the Nationals win the series in game 5 that way the Cardinals will actually win and Kyle will be happy. That’s a pretty solid PR answer if I say so myself.

So what do you think is going to happen during the division series? If you think a miracle is going to happen, tweet us @MLBFanCave or even to me @iBlogBetter. Keep watching all the #postseason action on TBS and MLB Network. YOLO