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Redmond appreciates Matheny's support

JUPITER, Fla. -- Shortly after Mike Redmond was announced as the Marlins' manager in November, he received a congratulatory text message from someone with a similar background -- Cardinals manager Mike Matheny. Matheny, now entering his second year as a big league skipper, took the initiative to contact Miami's new skipper, offering congratulations and any advice he could offer.

"I reached out to him," Matheny said. "I always appreciated that there were guys who reached out to me. Not that I've got this wealth of knowledge of experience, but it was pretty fresh in my mind the challenges that come up with a guy stepping into the situations. So yeah, we talked quite a few times."

Redmond and Matheny share common bonds. They're similar in age -- Redmond is 41 and Matheny is 42. They are both former big league catchers who played against each other.

"There are only 30 of these jobs," Redmond said. "But everybody has made me feel welcomed, wished me congratulations and good luck. It is like a fraternity. Guys who have been through it, they all have advice, which is good."

In terms of career paths, Matheny made the leap in 2012 to managing in the big leagues, despite not having any previous MLB coaching experience. Redmond, who retired as a player after the 2010 season, also has never coached in the big leagues. He did manage teams in Toronto's farm system for two seasons.

"He texted me, and we've had several conversations," Redmond said. "He's managed for a year now. If I have a question, I feel confident that I can go to him. He's been through with it already, and I haven't. There will definitely some things that will come up, and I'll feel free to ask him.

"I have a lot of respect for him and his career as a player. I know a lot of guys say a lot of great things about him, and the type of manager he is. I know that he is a great guy. He was probably one of the first guys to text me, and say congratulations, and if there is anything he can help me with, to feel free."