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Rockies Mohawk Guy Haikus

Danny Farris
Standing tall and proud
My hair blocks views three rows back
I don't even care

Marcus Hall
My hair is purple
Colorado Rockies rule
My haircut is cool

Alexandria Justice
Wow look at my hair
It's all purple and so tall
Wow beer is awesome

Nick Mendillo
Many folks are bald.
You are not, yet you choose to be
with a sweet mohawk

Travis Miller
The Mile-High Mohawk
Born in 1993
Respect the purple

Mina Park
Respect the mohawk
This took a very long time
Is this viral yet?

Aaron Roberts
Purple Mohawk Man
Colorado Standing Tall
Homeboy loves Egg Whites

Ben Wietmarschen
My dad is happy
That Im a big baseball fan
He hates my hair cut

April Whitzman
Purple hair stood up
As the baseball fan cheered for
20 Rockies' years