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Ryan Howard's Wedding Registry Missing Items

The other day Ryan Howard announced his wedding date to former Eagles cheerleader Krystle Campbell. I know this because I was sent an invitation via reading blogs on the internet. I'm sure the paper version is just lost in the post office somewhere. What's interesting is that Howard and Campbell decided to post their wedding registry on Macy's website for all to see.

I scrolled through the list seeing the standard silverwares, plates, bowls, etc however there were a few items I noticed were missing…

Ryan Howard's Wedding Registry Missing Items

Subway Gift Card

Those royalty checks from all those ads must come to an end eventually.

Tickets to Dorney Park

You know he wants to go back with his wife this time…

Scooter Vert Ramp

See photo…


I heard he was pretty good back and high school and since baseball took over his life he may want to spend down time playing trombone sheet music for his wife.

50 Shades a Grey

Why not? It can't hurt….