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Nov. 1 Salvador Perez postgame interview

Q. Just take us through your emotions. Let's start with the ninth inning, you're down 2-0. Go through the ninth inning and talk about the confidence of this team?

SALVADOR PEREZ: You guys know what we do all season. We never quit. We never put our heads down. We never think about, okay, the game is over, no. We always compete to the last out. And that's what we do tonight.

Harvey threw a tremendous game today. He didn't miss too many pitches. But in the ninth inning Lorenzo Cain took a good at-bat, good walk. Hosmer follows with a double, and after that it was history.

Q. Compare, I guess, the on-top-of-the-world feeling that you have with that World Series MVP trophy now, with last year making the last out in Game 7 at home.

SALVADOR PEREZ: I already forget about last year. So I just enjoy the moment now. In 2015 Kansas City is No. 1. Who cares about what happened last year?

Q. In the last month you've taken foul balls off the face, off the hand, off the collarbone. What is it that you do to enable you to put the pain aside and keep on playing?

SALVADOR PEREZ: What I always say, I think it's part of my job. Take a foul ball, wild pitch. And it had to get out of the game, because I feel like I'm not going to do nothing for my team to win. So I just need a couple of seconds. I know the pitch didn't go nowhere but to calm down a little bit. And the good thing we learn, we'll be in another World Series. So I just like to help my team to win, to play hard, and that's what we do.

Q. Did any of those injuries almost force you out of the game?

SALVADOR PEREZ: Yeah, the one that hit in my face, that was a big one. I feel a little dizzy, but the good thing, I stayed in the game.

Q. You signed with these guys when you were 16 years old. How do you put into words your growth with them in the time since and the organization's growth in the time since?

SALVADOR PEREZ: It's unbelievable. I always say we feel like a family here. We've got the same group, almost the same group when I play my first year in 2007 in Arizona, the Rookie League. It's amazing to now win a World Series and see the same guys with you. It's exciting.