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Southaven Pulls Off Trick Pick-Off Play

Do you remember playing Little League and being fooled by that fake pick-off move? You know, the one where the pitcher would fake his pick-off move causing you to dive back to the base. Only, even though he didn't throw the ball, the fielders would pretend he did and that the ball got past them. So when you attempt to advance on the throw, you would get out as the pitcher had the ball the whole time. It worked a few times on me when I was young.

With that said, while it's a classic as a child, one doesn't normally fall for it later in life. Key word: Usually. As was the case in game 1 of the MHSAA Class 6A Championship Series when Southaven pitcher Wyatt Short faked the pick-off throw drawing the Harrison Central base runner off the base for a crucial out in the seventh. The runner was completely shocked when the pitcher chased after him and tagged him out.