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Syracuse Chiefs Offer Free Tickets for Life

Minor League promotions are the best.

Case in point: The Triple-A Syracuse Chiefs are offering free tickets for life to any fan who gets a tattoo of the team's logo:

It's a solid logo, and the tattoos will be applied for free, as Lindsay Kramer writes:

On July 1, the Chiefs will hold Carmelo's Ink City Tattoo Night at NBT Bank Stadium. Any fan at that game who gets a tattoo of a Chiefs logo will also earn free general admission tickets to Chiefs games for the rest of their lives. The tattoos at the game will be applied for free.

"This is the kind of fun stuff we want to do around here this season and going forward,'' said Syracuse general manager Jason Smorol. "That's minor league baseball, that is fun and remember, fun is good."

Sounds like a good deal to us.

H/T to Mike Oz at Big League Stew