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Teammate's tip rights Omogrosso's career

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- After posting an April ERA of 7.15 over eight games for Triple-A Charlotte last season, Brian Omogrosso feared the worst in his seventh season of professional baseball.

"I could have had the worst April of anyone. I thought I was right on the chopping block," said Omogrosso, smiling. "I was like, 'Better think what I'm going to do after baseball.'"

That gloom and doom incredibly turned into Omogrosso's Major League debut on July 3 at home against Texas thanks to one informal workout session in Norfolk with teammate and veteran infielder Dallas McPherson. Omogrosso asked McPherson to step into the batter's box to see if there was anything he noticed about his delivery.

McPherson told the 28-year-old right-hander that he had nasty stuff but the problem was Omogrosso was very easy to time.

"I used to have a really long arm, and he said, 'I'll pick the ball up behind you,'" Omogrosso explained. "He's like, 'This may sound weird, but my Little League coach used to tell me try to take my hand directly to the shortstop to keep the ball behind you.'

"At this point, I was willing to try anything. Lo and behold, I just threw the ball where I wanted and everything like that. It's amazing that one little tweak can make that much of a difference in your entire career."

Omogrosso posted a 2.57 ERA over 17 games for the White Sox, working two innings or more on four occasions. That potential long-relief role caused Omogrosso to lose a little weight coming into Spring Training to help with endurance.

While the 2013 bullpen appears to be set at the start, Omogrosso hopes to open some eyes yet again in Glendale to stay on that short list of Minor League assistance just one call away.

"I'm realistic in this game and I know how things work. I'll just keep going about my business and hope for the best," Omogrosso said. "I couldn't have put myself in a better spot from last year. Obviously, hope for the best and turn some heads while I'm here."