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Oct. 27 Terry Collins postgame interview

Q. Given how good Familia has been, how stunning was it to see that home run in the 9th?

TERRY COLLINS: One thing, he doesn't give up home runs. So we were all shocked by it. We liked where we were at.

Their team, one of the things we know about them is they're never down and out. We've got to put them away. We've got to do a better job. Certainly tomorrow night in the same situation, he'll be back out there.

Q. Just the feeling afterward, whether it's exhaustion or extreme disappointment, how are you guys feeling as a team?

TERRY COLLINS: Well, we're frustrated. We didn't have a lot of opportunities, but we had a few shots. But we got the lead and we lost it, we came back and got the lead again. And we know their bullpen is really good. And of course, Chris Young was outstanding at the end of the game.

Q. What should have happened on Escobar's fly ball, Conforto's ball, Cespedes's ball, is that no-man's ball?

TERRY COLLINS: Michael was there. He thought he heard Yo call for it. He did was he's supposed to do, and that's let him have it. And again, you're talking about a guy that's playing his first game with the crowd noise that he wasn't really sure, he just thought he heard him call it so he gave way, and Ces didn't get there.

Q. When you decided to walk Cain there to pitch to Hosmer, was that to set up a double play?

TERRY COLLINS: You're not going to get a double play on Cain. If he hits a ground ball, you might get a forced play. Hosmer is going to come up.

We just thought we'd try to see if we could get a forced play at the plate and get a double play and see if we could get out of the inning.

Q. It was a little bit rough with runners in scoring position, was that frustrating to watch or a testament to them?

TERRY COLLINS: They're here because they have a good team and they have very, very good pitching.

Sometimes it's frustrating, but works on both sides, too. They ended up winning the game, but I thought our guys did a good job of keeping out of trouble and they had a lot of opportunities and we held them down when we needed to until the end.

Q. I know it was hours ago, what did you think of Harvey tonight?

TERRY COLLINS: I thought when we started the game he wasn't real sharp. His command was off a little bit. I thought he got a little bit better groove. As we've seen, he had to work so hard to get out of the first couple of innings that late in the game his ball started coming up, and that's when I thought it was done.

But I thought at least heading into -- hadn't pitched in about ten days, I think it was good for what he did tonight so that we know we get to Game 5, he'll be ready for it.

Q. How do you look at your situation now after 0-1, DeGrom going tomorrow?

TERRY COLLINS: Well, you know, anytime you're in these kind of situations, when you start on the road you go in saying, Look, we've got to come out of here 1-1. Now we've got a chance with Jake going tomorrow, we've got to come out, give him big hits and give him something to work with.

Q. After all the work getting to the series, the surroundings, was Escobar's hit in the first inning a bit of a stunner you had to recover from?

TERRY COLLINS: I thought we recovered pretty good. We came back and again got the lead. We didn't get frustrated. We kept pitching and trying to get outs and we did. And we came back, got the lead. They tied the game up, but we had our opportunities. But certainly to start the game like that on the first pitch was a little bit stunning, yeah.

Q. Should it have been caught?

TERRY COLLINS: Again, as I just said, Michael could have caught it. He thought Cespedes called it. And he said, It was really hard to hear, but I thought he called it. Yeah, it should have been caught, but didn't, wasn't caught.

Q. What did you see from Lagares, does this improve his chances for playing in Game 2?

TERRY COLLINS: He did a great job after he got in the game tonight. And as we look at the numbers, certainly he'll probably be in here tomorrow night. He's having a little bit better success against Johnny than lefties do.