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The Babe Ruth of High School Softball

Ashley Thompson is stunning the fans by her absolute softball dominance. Thompson, a senior at Connell (Wash.) High School, threw six consecutive no-hitters. Not six no-hitters in her high school career; not even six in total for the season; Thompson threw six IN A ROW! (She actually has seven total this season).

Can you imagine having to face a team with a pitcher like that? I’d like to think it’d be a huge waste of time to want to subject your team to an embarrassment like that.

Funny thing is, six straight no-hitters is only third on the all-time list, meaning two other girls threw more consecutive no-hitters. Thompson has something to strive for, I guess, because what she’s doing now doesn’t seem to be good enough (sarcasm).

“Hey, Nick. So what? It’s not like she can hit or anything.” – a fake person in my head.

That fake person criticizing me just then is a dumb-dumb. Thompson can hit. Not only is she a dominant pitcher, she leads her team in HRs and RBIs. Actually, she’s already a record holder in her school for most career HRs and RBIs. What?! Crazy!

I never hit a home run in Little League and this girl has 23 HRs in a season at the high school level. It’s kind of unfair. It’s a pretty remarkable story for a player with such a bright future ahead of her. She already agreed to attend BYU for college, so BYU next year will probably win a championship or something equally great.