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The Best Baseball-Themed This is Sportscenter Commercials

ESPN has a reputation for consistently cranking out some of the best commercials in the business. The “This is SportsCenter” line especially never disappoints. Last week we saw New York Yankees ace CC Sabathia debut his acting skills.

It got me thinking. What are the best MLB-themed “This is SportsCenter” commercials of all-time?

I went to the tape, and it wasn’t easy to narrow it down to five - though it was a quality way to spend my Sunday morning. Joe Mauer, Tim Lincecum, Buster Posey…even my boys David Wright and Mr. Met failed to make the cut.

After scoping these out, you’ll understand why.

5) It was tough to choose between this one and the Tim Lincecum “Big Time Timmy Jim” spot, but the facial hair talk won in the end.

4) At the height of the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry, this is quality satire. But as we learned this weekend, Boston will forever be Big Papi’s city.

3) Just Manny being Manny!

2) This one goes from zero to 60 in the blink of an eye.

1) Because anytime you get to watch the prettiest swing in baseball history, it’s a win.

What’s your favorite “This is SportsCenter” commercial of all-time? Tweet it to @MLBFanCave using #MLBFC.