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Top 10 Baseball Songs of All Time

I recently wrote about my favorite baseball movies and baseball books. But when I’m not watching baseball or reading about baseball, I’m listening to baseball. Here are my 10 favorite baseball-themed songs:

10. OK Blue Jays: Played during the seventh inning stretch of every Blue Jays game, this catchy song brings everyone to their feet, showing their corresponding dance moves.

9. Baseball Glove: Canadian Gord Bamford sports a Vancouver Canadians (Blue Jays affiliate) hat in the video about a boy who just wants a baseball glove autographed by Roy Halladay for Christmas (Who doesn’t?).

8. We’re Talkin’ Softball: It’s hard to exclude this wonderful piece from the best Simpsons episode ever, “Homer at the Bat.” This song is a parody of Terry Cashman’s song “Willie, Mickey, and the Duke” - another great baseball song.

7. Glory Days: This Bruce Springsteen classic looks back on Springsteen’s ‘Glory Days.’ His first verse focuses on his friendship with his former little league teammate, Joe DePugh.

6. Joe DiMaggio Done It Again: In this Woody Guthrie penned-song Billy Bragg and Wilco sing an homage to Joe DiMaggio and his incredible baseball career.

5. The Ballad of Ichiro Suzuki: Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie produces a masterpiece with this song, which pays tribute to one of his favorite ball players, Ichiro Suzuki.

4. Cheap Seats: Alabama is one of the few musicians to draw on the baseball passion by singing about a minor league team instead of the Majors.

3. The Greatest: Kenny Rogers’ song is one of the first baseball songs I ever listened to. It’s a beautiful song about a Little League player believing he is a great baseball player.

2. Centerfield: John Fogerty’s classic hit opens with opening claps that are often played in ballparks everywhere. Who can’t get excited after listening to its opening lyric: “We're born again, there's new grass on the field / A-roundin' third and headed for home.”

1. Take Me Out to the Ball Game: I don’t think anyone can be asked to name a baseball song and not think of this classic – the question is – how many knew there was more than one verse?

I love music almost as much as baseball and these are some of the best unions of both worlds. What is your favorite baseball song? Comment below.