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Top 5 Things to do at Citizens Bank Park

1) Watch a baseball game.

If this is not your number one thing to do at CBP then you probably should have given up your seat for another fan. #SellOutStreakProblems

2) Watch Charlie Manuel chat with an umpire.

Watching Charlie chat with the umps is so beautiful, especially when the ump tells Charlie how awesome he is by swinging his finger in the air towards the clubhouse.

3) Watch Hunter Pence's warmup swing.

If Awkward played baseball, he would be Hunter Pence. Also Awkward would become the new AWESOME!

4) Going to the bathroom.

When you gotta go you gotta go, just ask Forrest Gump.

5) Eating a cheesesteak.

I hear cheese and steak and onions is pretty good in the tri-state area.

Wild Card) Making out with the Philly Phanatic.

When given the chance you better take it, there are a lot of good-looking Phillies fans in this part of town.