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#Trouting Is Now a Thing

If you look up "Trouting" in the dictionary right now, you'd see "the act of catching or trying to catch trout, either for food or sport." They might need to update that soon. #Trouting is taking over. Angels outfielder Mike Trout tweeted this out earlier and people ran with it (see what I did there?):

Trout is one of the fastest guys in the League, so it makes sense that #Trouting is from a picture of him stealing a bag. The best thing about this is it makes me look fast. I'm basically going to go #Trouting anywhere I go. Go #Trouting to the Cave in the morning. Go #Trouting when I fill up my water bottle. Staying hydrated in the greatest way possible. Speed on top of athleticism on top of baseball swag. Unbeatable combo.

We of course got in on the action at the MLB Fan Cave:

Check out more photos submitted by Trout's followers: