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Twins' Chris Colabello Wears Wrong Jersey

Readers of the MLB Fan Cave blog, let me ask you a personal question. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work and/or school? Have you ever arrived to school or your place of work to realize that you're wearing the wrong thing and everyone looks at you like a big doofus? If you're thinking "how could this ever happen?" Well...

Chris Colabello of the Minnesota Twins committed this faux pas on Tuesday night. While all of his teammates wore their alternate navy blue jerseys that read "Minnesota" across the front, Colabello wore his navy blue alternate that read "Twins" in the front. Which gave baseball fans everywhere a case of the giggles.

I, for one, have so many questions. Was this a prank? Did the lights go out in his section of the clubhouse? Did someone simply forget his jersey? Maybe we'll never know. All we'll know is that we just got a new addition to the 2013 MLB blooper reel.