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Vanderbilt Baseball Shenanigans

When Hall of Fame president Jeff Idelson visited the MLB Fan Cave a couple weeks ago, we talked a lot of baseball (shocker, I know).

One of the things that stuck out to me from our conversation was when he told us never to underestimate the value of team chemistry.

I've found a very fitting example of that in the Vanderbilt Commodores, who entered the College World Series with a sparkling 51-9 record and the No. 2 overall seed.

A video compilation of the team's pre and post-game shenanigans from this season surfaced online, and aside from Vanderbilt's offense, defense and pitching, the team's light-hearted nature probably plays one of the biggest parts in its success.

Winning is great, but seeing players have that much fun playing the game they love is what it's all about. 

H/T Eye on Baseball