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Yahoo makes being a GM real-life fantasy

We're in the midst of April baseball, one of the most exciting times of the year.

And, boy, aren't you glad that baseball is back in full swing? Five months without meaningful games can leave one feeling hungry.

Sure, we all snacked on Spring Training appetizers for two months, but now we're noshing on the main dish. The juicy steak. The contests that count.

If you're similar to millions around the country, you're enjoying not only regular-season baseball, but Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball, the Official Commissioner Game of

If you aren't, don't worry. There's still time to sign up.

In the modern era -- in which stats and analysis abound -- you too can be a general manager with Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball. And unlike those who do so for a living, you can make savvy trades or pick up baseball's next bright stars from the comfort of your home or through the convenience of your smartphone.

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball is better than ever in 2015, with new features and functions that'll knock the fan experience out of the park.

Think you have a team to beat and want your fantasy foes to know? Thanks to the new "Smack Talk" feature, doing so has never been easier; just log in from your desktop or mobile device to psych out your competition.

And though the banter is a highlight of Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball, it's far from the only action you can complete with little more than a Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball team and an Internet connection. With its new draft client, Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball allows for roster construction from any place, at any time.

In-season strategy has also improved, as users can now place two players on the disabled list. (Fantasy pro tip: Use these spots to store an injured stud who could contribute later in the season.)

In the world of fantasy baseball, innumerable tactics abound. In other words, no single winning strategy exists.

But to enhance your season-long experience, be sure to sign up for the unanimous MVP of season-long fantasy products -- Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball.

Good luck in 2015.

Zachary Finkelstein is a fantasy editor for