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Group Party Area FAQs

Group Sales Contact Information

  • Phone: 215-463-5000, M-F, 9-5 (closed on major holidays)
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: Group Sales, Citizens Bank Park, One Citizens Bank Way, Philadelphia, PA 19148
  • In person: Group and Season Sales Lobby, located in the First Base Gate plaza on Pattison Avenue

If it is determined in the sole discretion of The Phillies that any individual or entity is re-selling the majority of the purchased Group tickets on the secondary market, the Group ticket purchaser may be classified as a Ticket Reseller. Ticket Resellers are not eligible to purchase Phillies Group tickets or receive the benefits associated with the Group Leader Bonus Program. The Phillies, in its sole discretion, may, but is not obligated to, cancel and refund any Group ticket purchase made by anyone determined to be a Ticket Reseller. For the most up-to-date Group ticket sales policies & procedures, please visit


What types of Group party areas do you offer?

The Phillies offer two types of Group rooms:

  • Suites and Hall of Fame Club Decks - Bill Giles Party Suites, Hall of Fame Club Decks, MVP and All-Star Suites and Corporate Party Suites
  • Hospitality, Parties, & Meetings - Party Tent, Tour Group Meeting Room, High & Inside Pub, Rooftop Catering, Pass and Stow Catering and Section 233 Catering
  • Hospitality events last for 90 minutes in the rented facility; seating for the games is purchased separately and is located in the general seating bowl (location based on availability)

What is the minimum/maximum number of tickets available for a Group party area purchase?

The minimum/maximum varies for each Group room, ranging from 16-300+.

When is my final payment due and when will I receive my Group party area tickets?

For all Group party areas, we ask for a non-refundable $500 per facility deposit and the $15 per game order charge at the time of reservation, with full payment due at least 45 days before the game. Tickets, Hospitality area passes (if applicable) and parking passes will be mailed upon full payment, but delivery may be delayed.

Since I have a Group party area, whom do I contact regarding catering?

Catering at Citizens Bank Park is provided by our partners at Aramark. For Suite catering, contact Ms. Donna White at 267-570-2391 or [email protected]. For Hospitality areas, Meetings and Hall of Fame Club Decks, contact Mr. Harmon Bryen at 267-570-2347 or [email protected]. Please be prepared to provide them with your reservation details including game date and facility booked.

Please note that for birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations you are permitted to bring a cake to Citizens Bank Park. Arrangements regarding authorization and delivery must be made in advance through The Phillies Sales Office at 215-463-5000.

What time can I get into Citizens Bank Park/my facility?

The gates to Citizens Bank Park open 1 1/2 hours prior to game time. Ashburn Alley (via Left Field Gate) and Pass and Stow (via Third Base Gate) open every day 2 hours prior to game time for batting practice or to visit the restaurant.

For Suites and Hall of Fame Club Decks, you may access your facility when Citizens Bank Park opens and catering will be available through the end of the 5th inning or 1 1/2 hours after the scheduled game time, whichever comes first.

For Hospitality areas and Meetings, your event runs for 90 minutes before game time and catering will be available during the 90 minute period. In accordance with the above information, catering will be ready as soon as Citizens Bank Park opens. If you are hosting your event in a space with a view of the playing field (Section 233 Catering or Rooftop Bleacher Catering), you may shift your party time to begin 30 minutes after gates open, extending into the game. Please consult with The Phillies to make arrangements. A shift of the event time is an option in all spaces except the High & Inside Pub or Pass and Stow, with the understanding that you may not have a view of the field/game in progress.

Can I arrange to extend my party or meeting time? Can I have an all-day or half-day meeting?

Yes, based on availability. However, you must consult with The Phillies at least 2 weeks in advance of the game to check availability, make these special arrangements, and you may be subject to an additional charge.

Can I get in a couple minutes early to set up, prepare for guests' arrival, or decorate? How do I request special set-up or configuration of the room?

To make special arrangements regarding arrival time or to notify us of your preferences for furniture configuration, please contact The Phillies Sales Office at 215-463-5000. Items such as linens, projectors and additional furniture are available upon request, at an additional cost.

To make an appointment to view a Group room, please contact The Phillies Sales Office at 215-463-5000.

Where is the best place to park my car, RV or bus?

Car parking is available around the sports complex area in Lots A-N and T-X at $20. Bus/large vehicle parking is designated in Lots M and N and the cost is $40 per vehicle. Preferred parking passes are included with Bill Giles Party Suite, Hall of Fame Club Deck, MVP and All-Star Suite, and Corporate Party Suite packages and give access to Lots P, Q, R, S and V on a first-come, first-served basis. Pre-paid bus parking is available for sale in advance by calling The Phillies Sales Office at 215-463-5000. Parking Map

Are there locations where my Group can tailgate?

Tailgating is permitted only in parking Lots A-N, located south of Pattison Avenue.

What am I allowed to bring into Citizens Bank Park?

In an effort to expedite entry, guests are discouraged from bringing bags to the ballpark. If a bag is necessary, each guest is encouraged to bring one single compartment bag into the ballpark (e.g. tote bag, drawstring bag, reusable shopping bag). Bags can be no larger than 16" x 16" x 8" and will be subject to inspection upon entry in accordance with Major League Baseball security regulations. To ensure the safety of our guests, glass bottles, cans, hard-sided coolers, thermoses and open containers may not be brought into Citizens Bank Park. Exceptions: baby bottles and single-serve, soft-sided juice containers and single compartment soft-sided coolers that do not exceed the 16" x 16" x 8" size requirement. It is NO LONGER necessary to remove all cell phones, cameras and keys and place them in a screening bowl. Umbrellas are permitted inside Citizens Bank Park. Please be considerate of guests around you when using an umbrella.

If your event is in a private or Hospitality area and requires delivery of items in advance (or larger items that may not gain access through the gates), please contact The Phillies Sales Office at 215-463-5000 or [email protected].

What age do children require a ticket for admission into the park?

Any child 3 years of age or older is required to have a ticket for the game.

Do you have reduced catering prices for children?

In the Party Suites and Hall of Fame Club Decks, you may purchase additional tickets above the standard quantity included in the package, and these additional tickets are eligible for discounted children's prices. In the Hospitality areas, when you purchase packages for additional guests above the minimum to book, these are eligible for discounted children's prices. Please call The Phillies Sales Office at 215-463-5000 to inquire about these discounts.

When does my Group scoreboard message appear?

All Group party area events are welcomed both pre-game on the main PhanaVision board and in-game on the side message boards during the top of the 2nd, 5th and 6th innings. The Phillies must have your message at least 72 hours before your game date. Otherwise, your message may not be displayed. Messages must be family-friendly in nature. The Phillies may elect to not display a message at its sole discretion.

May I add tickets to my original Group room order?

For Hospitality events, you may add tickets based on availability while adhering to the deposit policy. For Suites and Hall of Fame Club Decks, you may add tickets at any point while staying within the pre-set limits for each facility.

My tickets were lost or stolen. What can I do?

The Phillies Sales Office is not responsible for Group tickets that are lost or stolen. These tickets may be replaced at the sole discretion of The Phillies. The Phillies may impose an additional charge to the account holder in its sole discretion for such replaced tickets. If distributing tickets in advance, it is beneficial for the account holder to note the section, row and seat that each guest holds. This specific information will be needed if replacement tickets are issued. In the event that tickets are lost or stolen, please contact The Phillies Sales Office at 215-463-5000 or [email protected] to discuss any options. If The Phillies Sales Office replaces any Group tickets, the replacement tickets will be honored over the original tickets in all cases and the original tickets will be null and void.

Is the Phanatic able to come visit my Group?

With the Phanatic's busy in-game schedule and responsibilities, we are unable to guarantee a visit. If you have reserved a Suite/Deck/Hospitality event, please contact The Phillies Sales Office at 215-463-5000 or [email protected] to place a request.

What is commercial general liability insurance?

For all game-day Suite and Hospitality area events, The Phillies Sales Office asks that you carry commercial general liability insurance, also commonly referred to as event insurance or special event insurance. When you book a Suite or Hospitality area, The Phillies Sales Office mails you an event agreement. If indicated in the terms and conditions of the event agreement, you are required to carry commercial general liability insurance for your event. If you wish to obtain the insurance through MLB (their T.U.L.I.P. program typically costs $100 for up to 300 guests), you would contact The Phillies Sales Office at 215-463-5000.