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Commissioner's Community Initiative FAQ

What is the timeline to receive tickets?

All ticket requests are due no later than three (3) weeks prior to the first date of that homestand. Each game date will expire three (3) weeks prior to the first game of that homestand. Any request submitted after the three (3) week deadline will not be considered. Late add-ons will not be filled, so please ensure that your first request has the correct number of tickets needed for each game.

If you do not hear that there is an issue with your request, then you can plan to receive tickets. They will be sent out about a week before the game.

Distribution of tickets:
All tickets will be mailed out about a week before the game, unless you make special arrangements to pick them up. Tickets will not be left at Will Call. If any tickets are sold on a secondary market, your group will lose the opportunity to receive tickets in the future. We do understand there can sometimes be issues with mail. If you were not contacted about an issue with your request and have not received your tickets a couple of days before the game, please contact us at [email protected].

How can I receive tickets again in the future?

This opportunity is only available to a limited number of organizations; therefore the tickets given to your group must be utilized in order to obtain a donation of tickets to future games. We will verify the use of tickets after each game.

If your redemption rate is not satisfactory, we will contact you under separate cover, and the attendance of your group is important to continue to qualify for future games.