1 per team: Players who could stay put until 2025

January 13th, 2019

The 2013 season doesn't seem that long ago, does it? It seems like it just happened. (The passage of time is a crazy thing.) But in the world of baseball, it was a long, long time ago. How long? Look at the top 10 hitters and the top 10 pitchers in WAR in '13. Of those 10 hitters and 10 pitchers, only two players on each list ( and Joey Votto among the hitters, and among the pitchers) are still on the same teams they were just six years ago. That is an astounding amount of turnover, and reminds us how difficult it can be to predict the future.
Nevertheless: Let's try. Today at the Thirty, we attempt to pick the one player on each team's current 40-man roster who is most likely to still be on that roster in six years. Sticking to the current roster raises the level of difficulty. Otherwise, I could just pick Vladimir Guerrero Jr. for the Blue Jays, and every other team's top prospect, and be done with it. For this list, you have to be here now and in 2025. The crazy thing about this experiment of guesses: There will be multiple, maybe double-digit, teams that have none.
Blue Jays: , C
Unlike Vlad Jr. and Bo Bichette, he's already on the 40-man roster; he hit three homers in 81 at-bats last season. Like them, he's currently a top-75 prospect.
Orioles: , OF
The toughest call on the board. The Orioles are starting over in every conceivable way, and there will be a lot of turnover here in the next few years. The guess here is Mancini, who is a fan favorite already and could maybe hang around long enough to be a platoon or bench bat in 2025, when he'll be only 32.
Rays: , SS
Attempting to guess who will be on the Rays' roster in two years, let alone six, is a fool's errand, but Adames is the centerpiece of everything the Rays are going to be trying to do over the next decade.
Red Sox: , OF
He's a free agent after the 2020 season, but the Red Sox should never let a star like this get away. And he wants to stay

Yankees: , RF
As the guy who is signed through 2027, he's the obvious pick here. hits free agency in 2023, by the way.
Indians: , SS
It's tough to imagine the Indians letting Lindor go … though they may have to choose between him and .

Royals: , C
He survived the last teardown. He's their  -- he'll survive any future ones.
Tigers: , 3B
He's more likely than anyone else here to be a member of the next contending Tigers team.
Twins: Max Kepler, OF
Kepler feels like the type of player the Twins would come to some sort of modest, -esque extension with, doesn't he?
White Sox: , 2B
With any luck, will be there right alongside him.
Angels: , OF
Put it this way: If Mike Trout isn't on the 2025 Angels, everything about that franchise is radically different than it is right now.

Astros: , 2B
seems like the most likely extension candidate -- Altuve's deal runs out after the 2024 season -- but the Altuve-Astros relationship feels like one that shouldn't be broken.
Athletics: , 3B
The ideal extension candidate, Chapman could be the face of the franchise whenever it moves into its new digs.
Mariners: , LHP
He made his debut in September, so he's on the Mariners' 40-man, even if he might not start the season in the Majors.
Rangers: , 2B
He, and Joey Gallo will be free agents following the 2022 season. Here's betting Odor is the one who sticks around, if anybody does.
He'll actually reach free agency after the 2024 season, if you are counting the days. (That's to say: If you're every other team in baseball.)

Marlins: , OF
Considering he remains the primary haul from their trades last offseason, Brinson will get every possible opportunity to prove himself.
Mets: , OF
Though maybe only because first base slugging prospect Peter Alonso isn't on the 40-man yet.
Nationals: Juan Soto, OF
If the Nationals don't extend him, he'll hit the free-agent market with Acuna.
Phillies: , 1B
This answer could very well change depending on how free agency shakes out this offseason.
Brewers: , LHP
Yes, yes, he's a reliever, but still: He seems like one of the few relievers on earth worthy of talking long-term, under-market extension with, yes?
Cardinals: Paul DeJong, SS
The extension he signed last year gives the Cardinals team options on him in both 2024 and '25, and if he keeps playing like he has been, they'll happily pick them both up. (It's also possible the answer here is Yadier Molina, and may be through 2035.)
Cubs: , 3B
This will be the most-watched are-they-gonna-extend-him-soon? story in baseball over the next couple of years.

Pirates: Mitch Keller, RHP
He's already on the 40-man, and he might be the best pitcher in an already underrated rotation by season's end.
Reds: , 3B
He's signed through 2024, and the Reds have a club option on him for '25. Also, top prospect Nick Senzel isn't on the 40-man yet.
D-backs: , SS
He's already got options for 2023 and '24, and he'll just be into his 30s when the D-backs have to make their next decision on him. Newly acquired catcher could be the answer here as well.
Dodgers: , SS
Isn't right now the perfect time to start talking extension with Seager?
Giants: , C
As long as Posey is still playing, he'll be a Giant … right, Farhan?
Padres: , OF
It's tough to even imagine this kid being 30 someday.
Rockies: , 3B
They did a mega-extension with Charlie Blackmon last offseason, so they are clearly willing to go that route. Arenado is eligible for free agency next winter, so we'll find out his long-term fate pretty soon.