Instructions for purchasing with a coupon code

If you are using a coupon code to purchase your tickets on, please following these instructions to ensure you receive the tickets at the appropriate discounted price based on the coupon code you are using.

Coupon Code Purchase Instructions:

  1. Click on an available game according to your discounted ticket offer. You can do so by clicking on a T link next to the date in the schedule or game listing.
  2. Enter your coupon code in the box labeled "Enter coupon code here:"
  3. After you've entered the code, click the "continue" box directly below the coupon code box. Do not select the number of tickets or preferred price level or seat location.
  4. After you've entered your code and clicked "continue", you will see one of two things:
  • Successful code message, above the seating chart on the left - "You have successfully entered a valid coupon code. Please select number of tickets and price level to receive your DISCOUNTED RANGERS TICKETS."
  • Unsuccessful code message, above the seating chart on the left and in bold lettering - "The entered coupon code is invalid. Please enter a new coupon code or select from the regular priced tickets below."
  1. If you receive the unsuccessful code message, confirm your coupon code and try again. If you are still unsuccessful, please call 972-RANGERS to confirm your code.
  2. If you receive the successful code message, you should notice the price per location has updated to reflect the discounted pricing.
  • Continue by selecting the number of tickets and location desired.

If you have any questions regarding purchasing your tickets online using a coupon code, please call 972-RANGERS or email [email protected].