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Promotions Giveaway Policy

To receive a Rangers promotional item, a guest must be in attendance and produce a valid game ticket upon entering the ballpark. A ticket will be deemed invalid if the ticket stub has been detached, the ticket barcode has been deactivated or invalidated or has been previously used to enter the ballpark.

Each guest will be given only one promotional item per ticket upon entering the ballpark. A new valid ticket must be presented each time of entry to receive an item.

The specified number of promotional items for each giveaway will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis to all eligible fans. Items limited to fans ages 14 & older will be distributed to those eligible on a first-come, first-served basis. Please refer to the Texas Rangers Promotional Schedule for exact quantities for each date. All guests must meet the age qualifications for age-sensitive items to be eligible to receive an item. Additionally, select distributions will offer multiple size options. Sizes are available while supplies last. Wearable items cannot be exchanged after leaving the distribution area.

Please be sure to obtain your item upon entering the ballpark and before leaving the distribution area. In fairness to all guests, any guest who approaches the distribution area or the distribution staff after he or she has left the area will be denied an item.

The Rangers are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Lost or stolen items will not be replaced.

Some items may have been damaged during shipping and handling. Please inspect your item upon receipt. If your item is damaged and/or broken, please see an on-site Rangers promotional representative immediately to exchange it for another item.

All items will be distributed at the entry gates from the announced time that the gates open until the bottom of the 2nd inning or until after all of the items have been distributed (whichever comes first).

Promotional dates, items and quantities are subject to change. The Texas Rangers reserve the right to modify this policy at any time.

Thank you, Rangers fans!