Funniest Rays moments from past 10 seasons

November 24th, 2019

ST. PETERSBURG -- Over the past 10 seasons, the Rays have had their fair share of exciting moments. They’ve made the playoffs four times, and they have been one of the most consistent franchises, but that’s not what we’re going to focus right now.

Instead, let's examine the funny events that have happened to Rays players in the past decade. Baseball is a fun game, but it’s also a weird one.

1. Down goes Gómez
Aug. 4, 2018

Throughout the season, Carlos Gómez complained that Rays manager Kevin Cash never came out to check on him whenever he got hit by a pitch. Last season, in an eventual 2-1 loss to the White Sox, Gómez took a ball off the rib from Chicago pitcher Carlos Rodón, and he tried to get the attention of his manager.

Gómez took a split second to look at the Rays' dugout, and then he collapsed on the ground in slow motion. He then stood up and smiled in the same direction. Perhaps the best part of that reaction was that Cash and the training staff still did not come out to check on Gómez, who is every bit of his listed 6-foot-3, 220-pound measurements.

2. Souza’s “five-star” effort
May 26, 2017

Statcast gives us an opportunity to get immediate information on exit velocities and great catches made throughout MLB. But Statcast is also a tool that can help identify one of the funnier plays of the past couple of seasons.

In an eventual 5-2 win over the Twins at Target Field, Steven Souza Jr. delivered with a moment that left a smile on everyone's face. Kennys Vargas shot a single to right-center field. It was a clear single, as neither of the outfielders had a play, but Souza decided to show off his hustle anyway and dove for a ball that was nowhere near him.

Souza then went on Twitter in order to roast himself a bit more. He asked Statcast for information on his catch attempt, and it delivered.

“We checked: You needed to cover 73 feet and came up … 23 short,” Statcast tweeted back. “0% catch probability, but a five-star effort!”

3. Choi lends a helping hand
April 10, 2019

Over the past two seasons, it’s hard to imagine someone that has provided more hilarious moments off the field than Ji-Man Choi. He has an infectious personality, and he isn’t afraid to do something a little bit weird on the field.

In a cold 9-1 win over the White Sox this season, Choi decided to help out Chicago shortstop Tim Anderson. Choi extended his arm and let Anderson wipe his nose on his undershirt. This is either hilarious or disgusting -- you make the final call.

4. When a high five goes wrong
July 20, 2011

David Price was pretty amped up as he walked off the mound in an eventual 4-0 loss to the Yankees. James Shields waited for him at the top step of the dugout, and Price delivered with a thunderous high five. Shields then elected to have some fun with Price, faking a shoulder injury.

Price then ran over to Shields, who was hunched over, and two of the best pitchers in franchise history had a pretty comedic moment. (It wouldn’t have been so funny if Shields actually did get hurt, of course.)

5. Snell vs. cameraman
June 5, 2019

Blake Snell owns a lot of shoes, loves video games and doesn’t lack any personality. That was on full display in a 4-0 win over the Tigers.

With the Rays holding on to a 3-0 lead, the cameraman for the Tigers’ Fox Sports broadcast decided to have some fun with Snell. The cameraman kept panning to Snell, who eventually caught on. Snell engaged in a staring contest with the camera. The camera then cut back to the game for a split second before returning to Snell, who had even more fun with it.

In a season where Snell battled injuries and inconsistencies, it was nice to see the left-hander having some fun in the dugout.