Front Office Directory

Principal Owner

Name Title
Stuart Sternberg Principal Owner


Name Title
Brian Auld President
Matthew Silverman President
John Higgins Senior Vice President of Administration/General Counsel
Rafaela Amador Fink Chief Public Affairs and Communications Officer
Rob Gagliardi Chief Financial Officer
Melanie Lenz Chief Development Officer
Juan Ramirez Chief Technology Officer
Jennifer Lyn Tran Chief People and Culture Officer
William Walsh Chief Business Officer
Bill Wiener, Jr. Chief People and Community Officer
Brian Richeson Vice President, National Sales & Special Projects
Anthony Rioles Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
Jeff Tanzer Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service
De Anna Sheffield Ward Vice President, Media and Communications
Eric Weisberg Vice President, Fan Experience

Baseball Operations Officers

Name Title
Erik Neander President, Baseball Operations
Peter Bendix Senior Vice President Baseball Operations, General Manager
Will Cousins Vice President, Baseball Development
Chanda Lawdermilk Vice President, Baseball Operations
Carlos Rodriguez Vice President, Baseball Operations


Name Title
Mavis Gilbert Executive Administrator
Sam Reams Senior Coordinator, Mail Services
Mike Yodis Senior Coordinator, Purchasing

Baseball Operations

Name Title
Kevin Ibach Senior Director, Pro Personnel and Pro Scouting
Brian Plexico Senior Director, Baseball Systems
Cole Figueroa Director, Baseball Operations
Joe Myers Director, Baseball Performance Science
Hamilton Marx Director, Baseball Operations
Patrick Walters Director, International Operations
Steve Miller Director, International Scouting
Jeff McLerran Director, Minor League Operations
Chris Westmoreland Senior Director, Team Travel and Logistics
Ryan Bristow Assistant Director, Pro Personnel and Pro Scouting
Winston Doom Pitching Strategist
George Pappas Assistant Director, Minor League Operations
Simon Rosenbaum Assistant Director, Minor League Operations and Baseball Development
Mitch Lukevics Senior Advisor, Player Development and Baseball Operations
R.J. Harrison Senior Advisor, Scouting/Baseball Operations
Bobby Heck Special Assistant to the President & General Manager
Denard Span Special Assistant, Baseball Operations
Mike Brown Pro Personnel Specialist
Max Cohen Pro Personnel Specialist
Jason Cole Pro Personnel Specialist
Jason Grey Pro Personnel Specialist
Nate Howard Pro Personnel Specialist
Michael Langill Pro Personnel Specialist
Tyler Stohr Pro Personnel Specialist
Chuck Ricci National Crosschecker
Michael Johns Field Coordinator
Samantha Bireley Manager, Baseball Operations
Jeremy Sowers Manager, Major League Operations
Ryan Pennell Assistant Director, Performance Science and Player Development
Kathryn Mooradian Fellow, Advanced Scouting
Jake Girard Assistant, Amateur Scouting
David Hamlett Coordinator, Amateur Scouting
Jeff Johnson Coordinator, International Scouting
Sydney Malone Coordinator, Amateur Scouting
Erika Sperl Coordinator, Staff Development & Recruiting
Clayton Elger Senior Database Architect, Baseball Systems
Brandon Cordell Developer III, Baseball Systems
Luke Fair UI/UX Developer II, Baseball Systems
Zackary Strickland Developer II, Baseball Systems
Avery Wilkening Developer II, Baseball Systems
Ted Lopez Developer I, Baseball Systems
Mike McNally Lead Biomechanist, Performance Science
Jillian Hawkins Applied Biomechanist, Performance Science
JJ Lamb Analyst, Biomechanics
Louis Palma DevOps Engineer
Nick Zeak Jr. DevOps Engineer
Todd Daniels Data Engineer, Baseball Systems
Travis Trapp Data Engineer, Baseball Systems
Grace Dowling Coordinator, Baseball Systems
Jeff Sullivan Analyst, Baseball Development
David Marshall Lead Analyst, Baseball Research and Development
Taylor Smith Director, Predictive Modeling
Keegan Henderson Analyst, Performance Science
Bryant Davis Analyst, Baseball Research and Development
Salem Marrero Lead Analyst, Baseball Research and Development
Michael McClellan Senior Analyst, Baseball Research and Development
Jason Pellettiere Senior Analyst, Baseball Research and Development
Vibhor Agarwal Analyst, Baseball Research and Development
Dylan Murphy Analyst, Baseball Research and Development
John Nicholson Analyst, Baseball Research and Development
John Williams Analyst, Baseball Research and Development
Tyler Chamberlain-Simon Analyst, Pro Personnel and Pro Scouting
Josh Arthurs Analyst, Baseball Research and Development
Emmalee Dolfi Senior Analyst, Baseball Research and Development
Mason Kellett Junior Analyst, Baseball Research and Development
Erik Larsen Junior Analyst, Baseball Research and Development
Michael Model Junior Analyst, Baseball Research and Development
Timothy Morales Junior Analyst, Baseball Research and Development
Ben Smith Junior Analyst, Baseball Research and Development
Rocco Matarazzo Junior Database Engineer
David Yamin Junior Data Technician, Baseball Research and Development
Matthew Bennett Assistant, Baseball Development
Eleanor Weller Coordinator, Baseball Research and Development
Randell Kanemaru Assistant, Advance Scouting and Replay
Robert Kinne Coordinator, Major League Operations
Brad Ballew Coordinator, Baseball Operations
Danielle Dockx Coordinator, Baseball Development
Max Kassan Assistant, Baseball Operations
Isha Rahman Assistant, Minor League & Baseball Operations
Mike Lambiaso Assistant, Performance Science
Matthew Bruno Assistant, Performance Science
Kevin Peralta Assistant, Performance Science
Allison DeKuiper Assistant, Performance Science
Amanda Astrologo Assistant, Baseball Performance Science
Mackenzie Corrigan Assistant, Baseball Performance Science
Natalie Campisi Fellow, Performance Science
Vishnu Sarpeshkar Coordinator, Vision Science
Giovanna Rodriguez Senior Administrator, Minor League and International Operations
Dr. John A. Gross Medical Team Physician
Dr. Christopher Salud Assistant Medical Team Physician
Dr. Koco Eaton Orthopedic Team Physician
Dr. Douglas Carlan Assistant Orthopedic Physician
Dr. Christopher Williams Team Chiropractor
Ray Allen Massage Therapist
Justin Su'a Head of Mental Performance
Josh Kozuch Mental Performance Coordinator
Joe Benge Head Athletic Trainer
Aaron Scott Assistant Athletic Trainer
Mark Vinson Medical Coordinator, Special Projects
Mike Sandoval First Assistant Athletic Trainer
Trung Cao Major League Strength and Conditioning Coach
Joe Greany Major League Strength and Conditioning Assistant
Courtney Ellison Major League Registered Dietician
Erik Hart Manager, Food Services
Jonah McElwee Assistant, Major League Food Services
Bryan King Major League Rehab Strength and Conditioning
Lenore Sutton Education Coordinator
Brett Ebers Coordinator, Baseball Training Methods
Chris Fernandez Video Coordinator
Michael O'Toole Coordinator, Minor League Video
Tyler Wall Head Clubhouse and Equipment Manager
Thomas Culkin Assistant Home Clubhouse Manager
Brandon Richesin Head Visiting Clubhouse Manager
Tom Bernier Assistant Visiting Clubhouse Manager


Name Title
Christopher Mueller Manager, Broadcasting
Brian Anderson Television Broadcaster
Dewayne Staats Television Broadcaster
Andy Freed Radio Broadcaster
Dave Wills Radio Broadcaster
Neil Solondz Pre and Post-Game Announcer
Enrique Oliu Spanish Radio Broadcaster
Ricardo Taveras Spanish Radio Broadcaster
Rebecca Carney Coordinator, Broadcasting

Communications & Public Affairs

Name Title
Stephen Thomas Senior Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Jason Wallace Senior Director, Baseball Communications
Devin O'Connell Director, Communications & Public Affairs
Devyn Amara Manager, Communications & Public Affairs
Kenzie Dill Manager, Communications & Public Affairs
Karly Fisher Manager, Baseball Communications
Craig Vanderkam Manager, Baseball Communications
Micaela Garcia Coordinator, Public Affairs
Alex Kryah Coordinator, Baseball Communications
Pete Mackin Specialist, Social Media
Aaron Oberley Specialist, Social Media
Manny Navarro Spanish Translator

Corporate Partnerships

Name Title
Amanda Marquez Director, Corporate Partnerships Services
John Pope Director, Corporate Partnerships Sales
Leslye Barnette Manager, Corporate Partnerships Services
Danielle Bebber Manager, Corporate Partnerships Services
Jessica Smith Manager, Corporate Partnerships Services
Ryan Mellon Manager, Corporate Partnerships Sales
Nina Phan Manager, Corporate Partnerships Sales
Cody Smoot Manager, Corporate Partnerships Sales
Meagan Weatherford Manager, Corporate Partnerships Sales
Michael Lee Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships
Kennedy Miner Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships
Nick Wright Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships

Employee & Community Engagement

Name Title
David Egles Executive Director, Rays Baseball Foundation
Kimberly Couts Director, Community Engagement
Scott Wilson Director, Culture, Training and Development
Francisco Wen Manager, HR and Organizational Engagement
William Wetzel Manager, Community Development
Tom Melodayo Administrator, Employee Engagement
Kaitlyn Klein Coordinator, Community Engagement
Reilly McGlumphy Coordinator, Community Engagement
Jalen Oliver Coordinator, Community Engagement
Takia Moss Coordinator, Human Resources
Lauren Leshefsky Coordinator, Human Resources

Finance & Accounting

Name Title
Pat Smith Senior Director, Controller
Jason Gray Director, Financial Planning and Analysis
Karen Sanborn Assistant Controller
Amanda Hudson Manager, Accounting
Rebecca Ray Manager, Accounting
Lisa Little Manager, Payroll
Katie Austin Financial Analyst
Jordan Lindsay Specialist, Payroll
A’Niya Sconiers Coordinator, Accounting
Debbie Sword Accounts Payable Administrator

Game Operations

Name Title
Michael Weinman Director, Productions and Broadcast Engineering
Stephon Thomas Director, Promotions
Nicholas Armes Director, Fan Experience
Katherine Lucas Manager, Game Presentation
Joe Clatch Engineer, Control Room Operations
Bob Booth Specialist, Motion Graphics
Terra Pinckley Specialist, Multimedia
Sarah Edeker Senior Coordinator, Fan Engagement
Kaitlin Flanagan Coordinator, Fan Experience Training
Will Harris Specialist, Mascot
Marc Schneider Senior Coordinator, Promotions and Events
Demi Asensio Coordinator, Game & Event Productions
John Conarchy Coordinator, Control Room
Kyle Inga Coordinator, Control Room AV Systems
Lyndsey Majer Coordinator, Game Presentation

Information Technology

Name Title
Elpidio Ortega Director, Information Technology
Steven Xiong Senior Network Administrator
Nicolas Menses Senior Network Administrator
Christian Ramirez Manager, Help Desk
Justo Marcia Manager, AV Svc and I.T. Infrastructure
AJ Westcott Senior Coordinator, Help Desk
Ty Yang Senior Coordinator, Help Desk
Seng Singnoth Senior Coordinator, AV Svc and I.T. Infrastructure
Satin Beisel Coordinator, Help Desk
Robert Wilcox Coordinator, AV Svc and I.T. Infrastructure


Name Title
Patrick Abts Senior Director, Marketing
Emily Miller Director, Marketing and Creative Services
Nikki D'Aurelio Manager, Marketing and Creative Services
Noelle Gonzalez Manager, Digital Marketing
Joshua White Manager, Manager Advertising
Kaitlyn Young Manager, Video Production
Jacob Lovelace Specialist, Video Production
Casey Knopf Coordinator, Video
Yuki Taketani Coordinator, Emerging Technology

Publications & Graphics

Name Title
Warren Hypes Senior Director, Creative & Brand
Will Vragovic Director, Photography
Sharon McCaman Project Manager, Creative Services
Vincent Caffiero Senior Graphic Designer
Erik Ruiz Senior Graphic Designer
Joe Sergio Senior Graphic Designer
Lisa Walesheck Graphic Designer

Stadium Operations

Name Title
George Dowling Senior Director, Building Operations
Jim Previtera Senior Director, Security and Stadium Operations
Cass Halpin Senior Director, Partner and VIP Relations
Dan Moeller Head Groundskeeper, Tampa Bay Rays / Director of Operations, Charlotte Sports Park
Chris Raineri Director, Building Operations
Mike Ferrario Director, Stadium Operations
Eric Kampfmann Manager, Systems
Nicole Bleess Manager, Event Booking
Nathaniel Kuusela Manager, Building Operations
Cliff Legg Manager, Security
Megan Paul Manager, Stadium Operations
Gregory Johnson Conversion Technician
Richard Betancourt Coordinator, Parking Operations
Isaac DeTemple Coordinator, Stadium Operations
Moustapha Faye Security Guard
Vinny Paolozzi Security Guard

Strategy & Development

Name Title
Robbie Artz Director, Strategy and Development
Michael Dudek Director, Strategy and Analytics
Sanford Sternberg Director, Concessions & Retail
Juan Dominguez Senior Analyst, Strategy & Analytics
Chandler Dempsey Analyst, Strategy & Analytics
Jarred Robidoux Analyst, Strategy & Analytics

Ticket Sales & Service

Name Title
Robert Bennett Director, Ticket Operations
Dan Newhart Director, Ticket Sales and Service
Matt Fitzpatrick Director, Ticket Services and Technology
Jimmy Reed Director, Ticketing & Digital
Ken Mallory Assistant Director, Ticket Operations
Kayce Contatore Manager, Ticket Services & Technology
Jason Dessen Manager, Season Membership Services
Karen Jones Manager, Ticket Operations
Jeane Drury Manager, Ticket Sales
Ryan Sullivan Manager, Ticket Sales
Victor Hagenbucher Senior Coordinator, Ticket Sales
Jared Consiglio Season Membership Services Specialist
Zachary Grundt Season Membership Services Specialist
Taylor Roane Season Membership Services Specialist
Alexa Restante Season Membership Services Specialist
Carson Echelmeyer Senior Ticket Account Executive
George Collins Ticket Sales Account Executive
Brandon Harnick Ticket Sales Account Executive
Rafael Lazala Ticket Sales Account Executive
Daniel Schonborn Ticket Sales Account Executive
Lindsay Auld Ticket Sales Representative
Matthew Saccavino Ticket Sales Representative
Jared Tomasso Ticket Sales Representative
Ron Bridges Representative, Ticket Services & Technology
Erik Peksens Coordinator, Digital Experience
Alec Podock Coordinator, Ticket Operations
Sheryl Lucey Receptionist


Name Name
Arthur Nagle Andrew Cader
MacDougald Family Limited Partnership Claude Focardi Family Trust
Daniel O'Connell Randy Frankel
Frank Richardson Gary Goldring
Estate of Lance Ringhaver Robert Kleinert
Thomas Sansone Stephen Levick
Gary Markel Stuart Sternberg, Principal Owner
Timothy Mullen Stephen Waters