Twins players test positive for COVID-19

June 25th, 2020

MINNEAPOLIS -- The Twins had an unspecified number of players in the organization test positive for COVID-19 in the last several days, chief baseball officer Derek Falvey said during a group video call on Thursday morning.

Falvey did not identify any players or specify any breakdown of cases between the Major League and Minor League rosters, but he indicated that none of the impacted players had been working at the club's facilities in Minneapolis or Fort Myers, Fla. The players are said to be doing well in isolation at the moment.

"I would say that we’re all aware of the science around this," Falvey said. "We're all aware of the numbers that exist across the country right now. So we have players that are in many different locations. I don’t think this is necessarily a surprise that we may have some positive cases. We’d expect it. And as a result, that’s why we want to follow the appropriate protocols before getting everyone back together."

Falvey indicated that at least one positive case involves a player that the Twins hoped to have in Major League camp as part of their 40-man roster or taxi squad.

"We are likely to not have our complement of what would have been the 60 [players] to start camp, but hopefully we can do that once we follow the appropriate protocols, get past the quarantine period and an additional test," Falvey said.

The tests that revealed the COVID diagnoses were conducted in players' home locations, Falvey said, including a case in which a player reported close contact with a carrier of the virus and another case in which a player was tested after experiencing mild symptoms. Falvey also mentioned the presence of at least one asymptomatic case.

Before this recent group of positive tests, Falvey said the Twins did not have any known cases among players or staff.

In an effort to mitigate the possible spread of the virus once the team assembles at Target Field for camp, Falvey said the Twins are going to be very clear about their changed protocols, both in the clubhouse and during workouts. The Twins hope to effectively use their outdoor spaces around the stadium for training, stretching and down-time.

"I would say I remain cautiously optimistic as we get everyone back together if we appropriately follow protocols," Falvey said. "Major League Baseball is in constant contact with some infectious-disease specialists that are helping us guide our protocols and everything we have inside our walls. I think it’s going to take a real effort and a coordinated effort between players, staff or anyone who even comes in contact with players or otherwise to help manage this going forward."