Front Office Roster

Executive Board

Chairman: Jim Pohlad

Board Member: Bill Pohlad

Board Member: Bob Pohlad

Board Member: Joe Pohlad

Board Member: Dave St. Peter

Twins Owners, Presidents & General Managers

Owner, 1984-Present: Carl R. Pohlad Family

Owner, 1961-84: Calvin R. Griffith Family

President, 2002-Present: Dave St. Peter

President, 1987-2002: Jerry Bell

President, 1984-87: Howard Fox

President, 1961-84: Calvin Griffith

General Manager, 2016-Present: Thad Levine

General Manager, 1994-2007, 2011-2016: Terry Ryan

General Manager, 2007-11: Bill Smith

General Manager, 1986-94: Andy MacPhail

General Manager, 1985-86: Howard Fox

General Manager, 1961-84: Calvin Griffith


Control Owner: Jim Pohlad

Executive Chair: Joe Pohlad

President & Chief Executive Officer: Dave St. Peter

President, Baseball Operations: Derek Falvey

Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer/Chief Financial Officer: Kip Elliott

Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer: John Avenson

Senior Vice President, Consumer Revenue: Mike Clough

Senior Vice President, General Counsel: Mary Giesler

Senior Vice President, Operations: Matt Hoy

Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer: Jason Lee

Senior Vice President, Human Resources: Leticia Silva

Senior Vice President, General Manager: Thad Levine

Vice President, Deputy General Counsel: Mari Guttman

Senior Director, Ballpark Development and Planning: Dan Starkey

Senior Associate Counsel: Wyatt Littles

Senior Associate Counsel: Marlo Miksche

Senior Executive Assistant: Danielle Berg

Executive Assistant: Tina Flowers

Office Assistant: Bridget Harrington

Special Assistant: Bert Blyleven

Special Assistant: Rod Carew

Special Assistant: Kent Hrbek

Special Assistant: Tom Kelly

Special Assistant: Jack Morris

Special Assistant: Tony Oliva

Baseball Operations

Vice President, Assistant General Manager: Daniel Adler

Vice President, Assistant General Manager: Jeremy Zoll

Vice President, Hitting Development & Acquisitions: Alex Hassan

Vice President, Amateur Scouting: Sean Johnson

Vice President, Baseball Operations Strategy & Innovation: Josh Kalk

Vice President, International Scouting & Special Advisor: Kevin Goldstein

Special Assistant to Baseball Operations: Michael Cuddyer

Special Assistant to Baseball Operations: LaTroy Hawkins

Special Assistant to Baseball Operations: Paul Molitor

Special Assistant to Baseball Operations: Justin Morneau

Pitching Development & Acquisitions Specialist: Matt Daniels

Senior Advisor, Scouting: Deron Johnson

Senior Director, Team Travel: Mike Herman

Director, Baseball Research: Dane Sorensen

Director, Baseball Technology: Sean Harlin

Director, Player Development: Drew MacPhail

Director, Professional Player Procurement: Brad Steil

Director, Player Education: Amanda Daley

Director, Minor League & High Performance Operations: Brian Maloney

Director, Latin American Scouting: Roman Barinas

Research Lead, Sports Science: Martijn Verhoeven

Assistant Director, Amateur Scouting: Tim O'Neil

Assistant Director, Baseball Operations: Nick Beauchamp

Assistant Director, Baseball Research: Kevin Wright

Assistant Director, Player Development: Tommy Bergjans

Assistant Director, Player Development: Frankie Padulo

Assistant Director, Professional Player Procurement: Navery Moore

Assistant Director, Florida & Dominican Operations: Victor Gonzalez

Assistant Director, Player Development Research: Josh Ruffin

Manager, Scouting Research: Ezra Wise

Manager, Minor League Operations: Jason Davila

Manager, International Scouting: Iván Verástica Mora

Manager, Baseball Operations: Hailey Leviton

Manager, International Scouting: Andreina Salas Guzman

Manager, Baseball Technology: David Jeffrey

Manager, Sports Science: Colin Robertson

Assistant Manager, Florida Operations: Cole Satterfield

Biomechanist, Sports Science: Chris Curran

Biomechanist, Sports Science: JJ Lamb

Coordinator, Amateur Scouting: Annika Mau

Coordinator, Professional Player Procurement: Zane MacPhee

Coordinator, Professional Player Procurement: Chris Mitchell

Coordinator, Minor League Operations: Lisa Maria Tolentino

Coordinator, Dominican Republic Scouting: Marcos Lantigua

Senior Analyst, Baseball Research: Grey Wilburn

Analyst, Baseball Research: Jake Bensky

Analyst, Baseball Research: Andrew Ettel

Analyst, Baseball Research: Monica Williams

Analyst, Player Development: Chad Raines

Analyst, Player Development Research: Nihar Maskara

Analyst, Pro Scouting: Sam Isenberg

Analyst, Sports Science: Christopher Bailey

Analyst, Scouting Research: George Miller

Senior Analytics Engineer: Dorothy Lesher

Analytics Engineer: Santiago Caride

Major League Quality Control Coach: Nate Dammann

Communications and Content

Vice President, Communications & Content: Dustin Morse

Director, Business Communications: Matt Hodson

Director, Creative Productions & Content: Jake Schmidt

Director, Game Day Experience: Sam Henschen

Senior Manager, Baseball Communications: Mitch Hestad

Senior Manager, Gameday Entertainment & Design: Jeremy Loosbrock

Manager, Content & Photography: Brace Hemmelgarn

Manager, Scoreboard and Event Production: Jim Diehl

Manager, Video Production: Peter Nelson

Senior Motion Graphics Producer: Matt Semke

Graphic Designer: Rachel Haselhorst

Graphic Designer: Micah Tweeten

Coordinator, Communications: Nina Zimmerman

Coordinator, Communications/Interpreter: Mauricio Ortiz

Coordinator, Motion Graphics: Robin Gerke

Coordinator, Video Content: Kamdyn Fogo

Coordinator, Video Production: Dan Coomey

Team Curator: Clyde Doepner


Senior Director, Broadcast: Andrew Halverson

Radio Network Producer: Mark Genosky

Radio Network Play-by-Play: Kris Atteberry

Radio Network Play-by-Play/Analyst: Dan Gladden

Broadcast Host/Assistant Producer: Lexi Schweinert

Broadcast Analyst: Denard Span

Radio Engineer: Kyle Hammer

Television Play-by-Play: Cory Provus

Television Analyst: LaTroy Hawkins

Television Analyst: Justin Morneau

Television Analyst: Glen Perkins

Television Analyst: Roy Smalley

Spanish Radio Play-by-Play: Alfonso Fernandez

Spanish Radio Analyst: Tony Oliva

Community Relations

Vice President, Community Engagement: Nancy O'Brien

Senior Director, Community Engagement & Executive Director, Minnesota Twins Community Fund: Kristin Rortvedt

Senior Director, Community Engagement & Inclusion: Eric Hudson

Director, Community Engagement/Events: Julie Vavruska

Manager, Community Impact: Hannah Bremer

Manager, Youth Engagement: Chelsey Falzone

Manager, Mascot Programs: Steven Alexander

Coordinator, Community Engagement: Mackenzie Bongard

Coordinator, Community Engagement: Wesley Jones

Coordinator, Community Engagement: Viridiana Arevalo Martinez

Coordinator, Community Engagement: Rachel Snyder

Coordinator, Community Engagement: Kobi Allen

Brand Marketing

Vice President, Brand Marketing: Heather Hinkel

Senior Director, Brand Marketing: Becky Holten

Director, Project Management & Creative Services: Corrina Wertzberger

Director, Marketing Promotions & Special Events: Heather Rajeski

Senior Manager, Social & Event Marketing: Brea Prokop

Senior Manager, Owned Digital Marketing: Mac Slavin

Manager, Paid Marketing & Content: Abby Martinson

Coordinator, Brand Marketing: Sadie Keller

Coordinator, Social Media: Kassie Dunnihoo

Authentics Associate: Jay Bendfeldt

Owned Marketing Assistant: Saša Jošavac

Business Strategy & Analytics

Senior Director, Strategy & Insights: Brandon Johnson

Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics: Lisa Moschkau

Senior Manager, CRM & Business Intelligence: Tomas Benzo

Manager, Strategy & Insights: Eric Gebeke

Manager, Strategic Fan Insights: Hannah Luehman

Senior Analyst, Business Intelligence & Analytics: Angela Hawkins

Senior Analyst, Business Intelligence & Analytics: Jeffrey Yang

Analyst, Business Intelligence & Analytics: Owen Counsil

Ticket Sales & Service

Vice President, Ticket Sales & Strategy: Eddie Eixenberger

Senior Director, Suites & Premium Seating: P.J. Williams

Senior Director, Ticket Strategy & New Business: Rob Malec

Director, Groups Sales & Service: Phil McMullen

Director, New Business Development: Bryan Van Den Bosch

Director, Season Memberships & Retention: Craig Gumz

Manager, Inside Sales: Jack Heruth

Manager, Premium & Club Seating: Alex Hover

Manager, Suites & Premium Seating: Emily Hagen

Manager, Suites & Premium Sales: Todd Krulewich

Manager, Suites & Premium Sales: Brayden Woodhead

Manager, Season Membership & Retention: Cory Johnson

Manager, Group Sales & Service: Luis Breazeale

Senior Business Development Executive: Ben Gorman

Senior Business Development Executive: Jeff Hackenmueller

Senior Business Development Executive: Quinn Hammond

Senior Business Development Executive: Luke Phifer

Senior Group Sales & Service Executive: Peter Farley

Senior Season Ticket Sales & Service Executive: Brian Bessler

Senior Season Ticket Sales & Service Executive: Andrea McLaughlin

Senior Season Ticket Sales & Service Executive: Nick Sarnicki

Business Development Executive: Tyrone Mattison

Business Development Executive: Major Postma

Business Development Executive: Andrew Praml

Group Ticket Sales & Service Executive: Nate Anderson

Group Ticket Sales & Service Executive: Jake Langer

Group Ticket Sales & Service Executive: Ryan Thomson

Group Ticket Sales & Service Executive: Liz Pilarski

Premium Service Executive: Gaby Kuehn

Premium Service Executive: Shannan Stagliano

Season Ticket Sales & Service Executive: Victoria Cole

Season Ticket Sales & Service Executive: Shea Swanson

Ticket Sales Coordinator: Jenna Hill

Ticket Sales Coordinator: Jackson Kirchoff

Inside Sales & Service Executive: Jake Beeson

Inside Sales & Service Executive: Anne Colwell

Inside Sales & Service Executive: Carter Elliott

Inside Sales & Service Representative: Peter Krah

Inside Sales & Service Representative: Max Kjome

Inside Sales & Service Representative: Ashley VanKempen

Inside Sales & Service Representative: John Clark

Brand Partnerships

Senior Vice President, Commercial Revenue: Sean Moore

Senior Director, Partnership Activation: Amelia Johnson

Senior Director, Commercial Revenue Strategy and Operations: Will Clayton

Director, Partnerships & Florida Business Development: Philicia Douglas

Director, Radio Sales: Doug Beck

Director, Brand Partnership Development: Chad Jackson

Senior Manager, Radio Partnerships & Administration: Amy Johnson

Senior Manager, Brand Partnership Development: Trevor Wallace

Manager, Brand Partnerships, Research & Strategy: Kevin Nelson

Manager, Partnership Activation: Alexa Bartels

Manager, Florida Sales & Community Engagement: Kaitlyn Raile

Account Manager, Partnership Activation: Katie Amys

Account Specialist, Partnership Activation: Meghan McNaney

Account Specialist, Partnership Activation: Justine Miller

Account Specialist, Partnership Activation: Cole Vande Vegte

Creative Strategist: Jenna Willett

Finance & Procurement

Vice President, Finance: Andy Weinstein

Senior Director, Procurement: Bud Hanley

Director, Accounting: Lori Windschitl

Senior Manager, Accounting: Matt Fernholz

Senior Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis: Mike Kramer

Senior Manager, Procurement: Mike Sather

Senior Manager, Ticket Accounting: Jerry McLaughlin

Senior Accountant: Lyndsey Taylor

Senior Coordinator, Accounts Payable: Amy Fong-Christianson

Coordinator, Procurement: Danielle Jorgenson

Coordinator, Office Services: Nora Lund

Associate, Office Services: Alex Fisher


Vice President, Baseball Systems: Jeremy Raadt

Senior Director, Business Systems: Wade Navratil

Director, Information Security: Robert Jacoby

Director, Network Services & Technology Infrastructure: Tony Persio

Director, Technology Services & Infrastructure: Ryan Schmit

Director, Data Engineering & Business Systems: Jason Neubauer

Senior Manager, Business Systems: Shelley Andrew

Senior Data Engineer, Baseball Systems: Josh Kragness

Senior Data Quality Engineer, Baseball Systems: Brad Ankrom

Senior Data Quality Engineer, Baseball Systems: Jerad Parish

Senior Data Quality Engineer, Baseball Systems: Hans Van Slooten

Senior Developer, Baseball Systems: Nick Winegar

Senior Developer, Business Systems: Alex Lyzhoft

Developer, Baseball Systems: Anthony Metcalfe

Developer, Business Systems: Heather Bjoin

Junior Developer, Baseball Systems: James Barber

Technology Systems Administrator: Bilal Ghandour

Cloud Engineer, Technology Infrastructure: Alex Manton

Data Quality Engineer, Baseball Systems: John Edman

Data Engineer, Business Systems: Michael Clark

Data Engineer, Business Systems: Lin Pierce

Engineer, Production Technology: Blake LaBarre

Technology Operations Specialist: Savelle Anthony

Technology Operations Specialist: Jack Olson

Human Resources

Senior Director, Compensation & Benefits: Lori Beasley

Director, Inclusion & People Development: Cecilia Lettner

Director, Human Resources: Jen Lundquist

Senior Human Resources Generalist: Holly Corbin

Senior Administrator, Payroll: Molly Partyka

Human Resources Specialist/Recruiter: Emily van der Hagen

Analyst, HRIS: Katy Maring

Coordinator, Human Resources: Rafael Lewis

Ballpark Operations

Vice President, Ballpark Operations: Dave Horsman

Senior Director, Facilities: Gary Glawe

Senior Director, Guest Experience: Patrick Forsland

Senior Director, Security: Jeff Beahen

Director, Ballpark Maintenance: Dana Minion

Director, Target Field Events: Quinn Handahl

Director, Team Security: Charles Adams III

Head Groundskeeper: Larry DiVito

Senior Manager, Guest Services: Bryan Johnson

Manager, Ballpark Operations: Ryan Heither

Manager, Building Security: Steve Sattig

Manager, Event Security: Randy Hofstad

Manager, Field Maintenance: Jarad Alley

Manager, Grounds: Trent Waters

Manager, Guest Services: Michelle Bubon

Manager, Target Field Event Services: Lauren Harvey

Manager, Ballpark Tours: Ivan Cardona

Manager, Target Field Event Sales: Alyssa Shultz

Grounds Quality Control Supervisor: Reid Olson

Tarp Crew Supervisor: Ian Almquist

Coordinator, Ballpark Operations: William Heise

Coordinator, Event Services: Brenda Wu

Associate, Target Field Events: Grace Rogers

Facilities Engineer: Ryan Rikkola

Maintenance Mechanic: Dan Deephouse

Maintenance Mechanic: Aaron Goldenstein

Maintenance Mechanic: Taylor McCabe

Master Electrician/Project Manager: Jason Bifulk

Electrician/Maintenance Mechanic: William Barnes

Maintenance Mechanic/Painter: Matthew Saros

Ticket Operations

Vice President, Ticket Operations: Paul Froehle

Senior Director, Ticket Operations/Technology: Mike Stiles

Director, Florida Business Operations: Mark Weber

Senior Manager, Ticket Operations/Special Events: Ashley Geldert

Manager, Call Center/Fan Services: Chris Frogge

Manager, Ticket Operations/Solutions: Colleen Seeker

Manager, Ticket Operations/Technology: Kelton Splett

Senior Coordinator, Ticket Operations: Nick Doncits

Coordinator, Call Center/Fan Services: Briar Reichenbach


Equipment Manager: Rod McCormick

Visiting Clubhouse Manager: Marcus McKenzie

Assistant Manager, Home Clubhouse: Tim Burke

Assistant, Home Clubhouse: Frank Hanzlik

Head Performance Chef: Kyle McCleary

Bullpen Catcher: Anderson De La Rosa

Bullpen Catcher: Connor Olson

Medical Staff

Medical Director, Director of High Performance: Dr. Chris Camp

Medical Director, Emeritus: Dr. John Steubs

Orthopedic Physician: Dr. Corey Wulf

Primary Care Physician: Dr. Amy Beacom

Primary Care Physician: Dr. Rahul Kapur

Primary Care Physician: Dr. David Olson

Major League Sport Psychologist: Dr. Justin Anderson

Major League Sport Psychologist: Carlos Coto

Minor League Sport Psychologist: Dr. Jaimie Rubin

Minor League Sport Psychologist: Eiron Sanchez

Minor League Sport Psychologist: Luis Torres

Head Athletic Trainer: Nick Paparesta

Assistant Major League Athletic Trainer: Masamichi Abe

Assistant Major League Athletic Trainer: Jason Kirkman

Director, Strength and Conditioning: Ian Kadish

Major League Strength and Conditioning Coach: Chuck Bradway

Major League Strength and Conditioning Coach: Aaron Rhodes

Coordinator, Minor League Athletic Training: Bryan Housand

Coordinator, Minor League Medical Administration: Chad Jackson

Coordinator, Latin American Medical Administration: Axel Lopez

Minor League Physical Therapist: Nick Coberly

Minor League Physical Therapist: Christian Hintz

Minor League Physical Therapist: Danielle Honnette

Massage Therapist: Kelli Bergheim

Director, Performance Nutrition: Kara Lynch, RD

Performance Dietician: Lily Araujo

Assistant, Performance Nutrition: Isabella Burrola