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Fundraise with the Twins

Put the FUN back in your fundraiser this year by teaming up with your hometown Twins. We've made fundraising at a Twins game easy!

1. Select your game date from the 2019 schedule.

*Fundraising rates available for most 2019 games.

2. Reserve your seats at special fundraising rates.

*Put no money down; you'll pay only for the seats you need (minimum of 20) three weeks before your game date.

Available in U.S. Bank Home Run Porch View and Grandstand™.

3. Resell tickets to your supporters at up to face value to raise funds for your organization.

*Earn as much as $4 per ticket sold.

4. Celebrate success and enjoy the Twins game with members of your group!

Fundraising with the Twins not only helps you raise funds, but also helps build community and camaraderie among your supporters!

Questions? Call a Twins Group Account Representative for further information - 612-375-7454.