Tailgating at Guaranteed Rate Field

The Do's and Don'ts of Tailgating

  • Tailgating is allowed in all parking lots
    • Please note: tents and table set ups will not be permitted in Lots D or E unless they are in the reserved tailgating area located in Lot E.
  • Small grills only (no commercial or restaurant grade grills)
    • All charcoal must be dumped in the coal bins provided. Coal bins are located throughout the parking lots.
  • Party set-ups and grills that exceed the one designated parking space are prohibited. Items cannot obstruct or block lanes and emergency routes.
  • Tailgate set-ups cannot block vehicles entering or exiting the parking lots; set-ups in violation will be removed.
  • Kegs are not permitted on Chicago White Sox property, in the parking lots or in the adjacent areas.
  • All tailgate activities must be conducted in strict accordance with the law. Underage drinking is prohibited.
  • Trash cans are provided throughout the parking lots.
  • Free standing speakers, live bands, DJs, or excessively loud music are not permitted.
  • Please note there is no tailgating permitted following the conclusion of the game. All parking lots close approximately one hour after the game.
  • All tailgating ends at the start of the game.
  • Vehicles parked unlawfully will be towed immediately.
  • No selling or soliciting is allowed on Chicago White Sox property.
  • Vehicles with advertising or signage are prohibited.
  • Please keep our neighborhood neat and respect your neighbors and ours.

If you want to reserve a larger, private tailgate space, check out our Reserved Tailgate section!