Tailgating at Guaranteed Rate Field

Tailgating is permitted at Guaranteed Rate Field beginning June 25.

  • Tailgating is permitted in parking lots except Lots C and D. Fans who tailgate must set up in their respective parking space and avoid blocking pathways and traffic.
  • Please use small grills only.
  • To keep the atmosphere fun for all, kegs are not permitted.
  • For extra safety, please bring a gallon of water to extinguish your coal after cooking. For your convenience, metal containers are provided for coal disposal.
  • Please keep grills a safe distance from vehicles, and never put hot coal under your car.
  • Green wire trash baskets are provided for your refuse.
  • Please keep our neighborhood neat, and respect your neighbors and ours.
  • Please note there is no tailgating permitted following the conclusion of the game
  • Questions? Please call 312-674-1000 or visit one of our Guest Relations booths.