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Who do you think should be the All-Star Game 2017 Most Valuable Player?

Select one player for the 2017 All-Star Game MVP Vote Presented by Chevrolet.

  1. American League

    AL -
    Photo of Alonso, Y
    Alonso, Y | SEA
    AVG:.266 HR:28 RBI:67 SB:2 AB:451
    Photo of Altuve, J
    Altuve, J | HOU
    AVG:.346 HR:24 RBI:81 SB:32 AB:590
    Photo of Archer, C
    Archer, C | TB
    W:10 L:12 SV:0 ERA:4.07 IP:201.0 SO:249
    Photo of Betances, D
    Betances, D | NYY
    W:3 L:6 SV:10 ERA:2.87 IP:59.2 SO:100
    Photo of Betts, M
    Betts, M | BOS
    AVG:.264 HR:24 RBI:102 SB:26 AB:628
    Photo of Brantley, M
    Brantley, M | CLE
    AVG:.299 HR:9 RBI:52 SB:11 AB:338
    Photo of Cano, R
    Cano, R | SEA
    AVG:.280 HR:23 RBI:97 SB:1 AB:592
    Photo of Correa, C
    Correa, C | HOU
    AVG:.315 HR:24 RBI:84 SB:2 AB:422
    Photo of Cruz, N
    Cruz, N | SEA
    AVG:.288 HR:39 RBI:119 SB:1 AB:556
    Photo of Devenski, C
    Devenski, C | HOU
    W:8 L:5 SV:4 ERA:2.68 IP:80.2 SO:100
    Photo of Dickerson, C
    Dickerson, C | TB
    AVG:.282 HR:27 RBI:62 SB:4 AB:588
    Photo of Garcia, A
    Garcia, A | CWS
    AVG:.330 HR:18 RBI:80 SB:5 AB:518
    Photo of Judge, A
    Judge, A | NYY
    AVG:.284 HR:52 RBI:114 SB:9 AB:542
    Photo of Kimbrel, C
    Kimbrel, C | BOS
    W:5 L:0 SV:35 ERA:1.43 IP:69.0 SO:126
    Photo of Kintzler, B
    Kintzler, B | MIN
    W:2 L:2 SV:28 ERA:2.78 IP:45.1 SO:27
    Photo of Lindor, F
    Lindor, F | CLE
    AVG:.273 HR:33 RBI:89 SB:15 AB:651
    Photo of McCullers Jr., L
    McCullers Jr., L | HOU
    W:7 L:4 SV:0 ERA:4.25 IP:118.2 SO:132
    Photo of Miller, A
    Miller, A | CLE
    W:4 L:3 SV:2 ERA:1.44 IP:62.2 SO:95
    Photo of Moustakas, M
    Moustakas, M | KC
    AVG:.272 HR:38 RBI:85 SB:0 AB:555
    Photo of Osuna, R
    Osuna, R | TOR
    W:3 L:4 SV:39 ERA:3.38 IP:64.0 SO:83
    Photo of Perez, S
    Perez, S | KC
    AVG:.268 HR:27 RBI:80 SB:1 AB:471
    Photo of Ramirez, J
    Ramirez, J | CLE
    AVG:.318 HR:29 RBI:83 SB:17 AB:585
    Photo of Sale, C
    Sale, C | BOS
    W:17 L:8 SV:0 ERA:2.90 IP:214.1 SO:308
    Photo of Sanchez, G
    Sanchez, G | NYY
    AVG:.278 HR:33 RBI:90 SB:2 AB:471
    Photo of Sano, M
    Sano, M | MIN
    AVG:.264 HR:28 RBI:77 SB:0 AB:424
    Photo of Santana, E
    Santana, E | MIN
    W:16 L:8 SV:0 ERA:3.28 IP:211.1 SO:167
    Photo of Schoop, J
    Schoop, J | BAL
    AVG:.293 HR:32 RBI:105 SB:1 AB:622
    Photo of Severino, L
    Severino, L | NYY
    W:14 L:6 SV:0 ERA:2.98 IP:193.1 SO:230
    Photo of Smoak, J
    Smoak, J | TOR
    AVG:.270 HR:38 RBI:90 SB:0 AB:560
    Photo of Springer, G
    Springer, G | HOU
    AVG:.283 HR:34 RBI:85 SB:5 AB:548
    Photo of Upton, J
    Upton, J | LAA
    AVG:.273 HR:35 RBI:109 SB:14 AB:557
    Photo of Vargas, J
    Vargas, J | KC
    W:18 L:11 SV:0 ERA:4.16 IP:179.2 SO:134
  2. National League

    NL -
    Photo of Arenado, N
    Arenado, N | COL
    AVG:.309 HR:37 RBI:130 SB:3 AB:606
    Photo of Bellinger, C
    Bellinger, C | LAD
    AVG:.267 HR:39 RBI:97 SB:10 AB:480
    Photo of Blackmon, C
    Blackmon, C | COL
    AVG:.331 HR:37 RBI:104 SB:14 AB:644
    Photo of Conforto, M
    Conforto, M | NYM
    AVG:.279 HR:27 RBI:68 SB:2 AB:373
    Photo of Cozart, Z
    Cozart, Z | CIN
    AVG:.297 HR:24 RBI:63 SB:3 AB:438
    Photo of Davis, W
    Davis, W | CHC
    W:4 L:2 SV:32 ERA:2.30 IP:58.2 SO:79
    Photo of Goldschmidt, P
    Goldschmidt, P | ARI
    AVG:.297 HR:36 RBI:120 SB:18 AB:558
    Photo of Greinke, Z
    Greinke, Z | ARI
    W:17 L:7 SV:0 ERA:3.20 IP:202.1 SO:215
    Photo of Hand, B
    Hand, B | SD
    W:3 L:4 SV:21 ERA:2.16 IP:79.1 SO:104
    Photo of Harper, B
    Harper, B | WSH
    AVG:.319 HR:29 RBI:87 SB:4 AB:420
    Photo of Harrison, J
    Harrison, J | PIT
    AVG:.272 HR:16 RBI:47 SB:12 AB:486
    Photo of Holland, G
    Holland, G | COL
    W:3 L:6 SV:41 ERA:3.61 IP:57.1 SO:70
    Photo of Inciarte, E
    Inciarte, E | ATL
    AVG:.304 HR:11 RBI:57 SB:22 AB:662
    Photo of Jansen, K
    Jansen, K | LAD
    W:5 L:0 SV:41 ERA:1.32 IP:68.1 SO:109
    Photo of Knebel, C
    Knebel, C | MIL
    W:1 L:4 SV:39 ERA:1.78 IP:76.0 SO:126
    Photo of Lamb, J
    Lamb, J | ARI
    AVG:.248 HR:30 RBI:105 SB:6 AB:536
    Photo of LeMahieu, D
    LeMahieu, D | COL
    AVG:.310 HR:8 RBI:64 SB:6 AB:609
    Photo of Martinez, C
    Martinez, C | STL
    W:12 L:11 SV:0 ERA:3.64 IP:205.0 SO:217
    Photo of Molina, Y
    Molina, Y | STL
    AVG:.273 HR:18 RBI:82 SB:9 AB:501
    Photo of Murphy, D
    Murphy, D | WSH
    AVG:.322 HR:23 RBI:93 SB:2 AB:534
    Photo of Neshek, P
    Neshek, P | COL
    W:5 L:3 SV:1 ERA:1.59 IP:62.1 SO:69
    Photo of Ozuna, M
    Ozuna, M | MIA
    AVG:.312 HR:37 RBI:124 SB:1 AB:613
    Photo of Posey, B
    Posey, B | SF
    AVG:.320 HR:12 RBI:67 SB:6 AB:494
    Photo of Ray, R
    Ray, R | ARI
    W:15 L:5 SV:0 ERA:2.89 IP:162.0 SO:218
    Photo of Scherzer, M
    Scherzer, M | WSH
    W:16 L:6 SV:0 ERA:2.51 IP:200.2 SO:268
    Photo of Seager, C
    Seager, C | LAD
    AVG:.295 HR:22 RBI:77 SB:4 AB:539
    Photo of Stanton, G
    Stanton, G | MIA
    AVG:.281 HR:59 RBI:132 SB:2 AB:597
    Photo of Strasburg, S
    Strasburg, S | WSH
    W:15 L:4 SV:0 ERA:2.52 IP:175.1 SO:204
    Photo of Turner, J
    Turner, J | LAD
    AVG:.322 HR:21 RBI:71 SB:7 AB:457
    Photo of Votto, J
    Votto, J | CIN
    AVG:.320 HR:36 RBI:100 SB:5 AB:559
    Photo of Wood, A
    Wood, A | LAD
    W:16 L:3 SV:0 ERA:2.72 IP:152.1 SO:151
    Photo of Zimmerman, R
    Zimmerman, R | WSH
    AVG:.303 HR:36 RBI:108 SB:1 AB:524

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