Cubs Owners


The Ricketts Family becomes owner of the Cubs on October 27, 2009. The sale gives the Ricketts Family 95-percent interest in the Cubs, Wrigley Field and Tribune Company's approximately 25-percent interest in Comcast SportsNet in a transaction valued at $845 million. A Ricketts Family holding company has management control of the joint venture as its 95-percent owner. Tribune retains five-percent ownership interest. In February of 2015, the Ricketts Family sold a minority non-voting interest in its family holding company to investors. 


The Tribune Company buys the club from the Wrigley family for $20.5 million, ended the longest continuous operation of a franchise by the same family in one city.


Chewing-gum magnate William Wrigley Jr. purchases control of the Cubs and renames Weeghman Park to Cubs Park. In 1926, Cubs Park becomes Wrigley Field. Philip K. Wrigley assumes control after father's death in 1932. In 1977, William Wrigley takes over the club after the death of his father, Philip.


Charles Weeghman, a team owner in the defunct Federal League, and nine others purchase the Cubs from Charles Taft and move them to Weeghman Park at the corner of Clark and Addison.


Charles Taft buys the Cubs from Charles Murphy.


Cincinnati Times-Star owner Charles Taft finances $110,000 of Charles Murphy's $125,000 purchase of the Cubs. Charles Murphy finances the remaining $15,000.


Cubs president James Hart purchases the club from Albert Spalding.


Former player, sporting goods tycoon and team president Albert Spalding takes over as owner after William A. Hulbert dies.


The Chicago White Stockings, owned by William A. Hulbert, become one of eight charter members of the National League. Hulbert also serves as president of the new league.