Seager reports no pain after extended workout

Dodgers shortstop takes at-bats in Minor League games, tests knee

March 25th, 2016

PHOENIX -- Corey Seager made a big move toward being ready for Opening Day on Thursday, when he completed a busy day of baseball activity with four at-bats in Minor League games.

Seager, who suffered a slight left knee sprain on March 11, said he felt no pain after the extended workout. He did not run out of the batter's box and did not play defense.

But before the game, Seager said he tested the knee running the bases, sliding and breaking back on a pickoff.

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"Everything was fine," he said. "I rounded first, stopped like I did when it buckled the last time, did other little things, no problems so far. No pain, that was nice."

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As can be the case against Minor Leaguers, Seager also saw a fastball coming at his head, but he bailed out in time.

"You don't want to get thrown at the head, but I guess I can check off the box for getting out of the way and not get hit in the head," he said.