Rising star Peso Pluma throws out first pitch for Dodgers

July 6th, 2023

LOS ANGELES -- Four hours before first pitch on Wednesday, a small group of Dodgers players huddled around ’ locker inside the clubhouse. That’s not unusual, especially for the group of Latino players on the roster.

This time, however, they weren’t talking about baseball. Instead, they were expressing excitement about the possibility of meeting Mexican artist Peso Pluma, who has become a well-known star in the music industry for his unique style over the past calendar year.

Urías, a fellow Mexican, has become a massive fan during Peso Pluma's rise to stardom. That admiration has carried over to his teammates, as Miguel Vargas, Yonny Hernández, Miguel Rojas and even Jason Heyward have taken a liking to the 23-year-old artist.

On Wednesday, Urías and the rest of his teammates were able to meet Peso Pluma when he threw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium. Urías caught the first pitch and gave him some signed memorabilia, a jersey and one of his game-worn cleats.

“Seeing his success has made all of us Mexicans really proud,” Urías told MLB.com in Spanish. “He’s become a worldwide sensation. We know getting to a worldwide level when you come out of a place like Mexico is always a little complicated. But when you work for things, they always come true.”

Urías and Peso Pluma didn’t know each other personally until Wednesday, but they have mutual friends, which helped the Dodgers get the artist to Dodger Stadium. Even with some connections, that didn’t stop Urías from being nervous and anxious to meet him. He has met famous people in the past, but given Peso Pluma’s stardom right now, he said this is right at the top.

“I don’t know if it’s the vibe or what he’s bringing to the table right now,” Urías said. “But everyone is really excited to meet him, and it has given me even more excitement to get a chance to talk to him.”

Peso Pluma has become a big baseball fan, especially of the Mexican players in the Majors. Last month, he got a chance to meet and spend time with Rays star outfielder Randy Arozarena. Now that Peso Pluma has met Urías, he can confidently say that his two favorite players in the league are Arozarena and Urías.

On Wednesday, Peso Pluma spent time inside the Dodgers’ clubhouse an hour before the game. Along with Urías, he got a chance to meet other Dodgers players. Heyward has used one of Peso Pluma’s songs as his walk-up music a few times this season.

Vargas was eager to meet him. David Peralta and Rojas were also anxious. But one Dodgers player that Peso Pluma didn’t get a chance to meet was , who is currently in Arizona as he battles a neck injury.

Why Miller? Well, his nickname inside the Dodgers’ clubhouse is Peso Pluma. It’s a nickname that Urías and Brusdar Graterol gave Miller because he has a similar haircut. Miller fully embraced the nickname, using “Ella Baila Sola,” one of Peso Pluma’s biggest hits, as his entrance music.

“It’s really cool because he’s not Mexican,” Peso Pluma said of Miller's choice. “So putting the song as his music is really cool for us, and thank you for playing the song.”

An hour before the game, Peso Pluma and Urías popped up from the tunnel inside the Dodgers’ dugout. They were welcomed by the roars of the fans right behind the dugout. As Peso Pluma's rapid rise continues, he can check off another item on his bucket list: throwing out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium.