Skill-interactive Earned Run Average (SIERA)


SIERA quantifies a pitcher's performance by trying to eliminate factors the pitcher can't control by himself. But unlike a stat such as xFIP, SIERA considers balls in play and adjusts for the type of ball in play.

For example, if a pitcher has a high xFIP but has also induced a high proportion of grounders and pop-ups instead of line drives, his SIERA will be lower than his xFIP.

The formula

6.145 - 16.986(SO/PA) + 11.434(BB/PA) - 1.858((GB-FB-PU)/PA) + 7.653((SO/PA)^2) +/- 6.664(((GB-FB-PU)/PA)^2) + 10.130(SO/PA)((GB-FB-PU)/PA) - 5.195(BB/PA)*((GB-FB-PU)/PA)