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Flex Voucher Plans FAQ

When will my Flex Vouchers be available to start redeeming?

Your 2021 Cleveland Indians Flex Vouchers will be live and accessible within your Indians Ticket Account after single game Cleveland Indians 2021 regular season tickets go on sale in early 2021. Once logged into your Indians Ticket Account, click on Flex Voucher Plan Ticket Redemption under the Tickets menu.

If I use all my Flex Vouchers, can I buy more?

Yes, you will have the ability to purchase additional Flex Vouchers in increments of five (5) throughout the 2021 Cleveland Indians regular season. In-season purchase of additional Flex Vouchers will be restricted to fans who purchase the Flex Voucher Plans before the season.

Is there a limit to the number of Flex Vouchers I am allowed to redeem per game?

Yes, you may redeem up to eight (8) Flex Vouchers for each game.

Once I purchase my Flex Voucher Plan, can I upgrade my seats to a different section?

No. Flex Vouchers can only be redeemed for tickets within the sections specified with respect to each respective Flex Voucher Plan.

Are Flex Vouchers refundable?

No. Flex Vouchers are non-refundable (including after they are redeemed for tickets).

Which games are included with my Flex Voucher Plan?

Flex Vouchers can be redeemed for any Cleveland Indians baseball game throughout the 2021 regular season excluding Opening Day, subject to, at all times, ticket availability for each particular game. Flex Vouchers cannot be redeemed for playoff games.

Is there a cutoff time to redeem a Flex Voucher?

Your Flex Vouchers can be redeemed up until 2 hours before a scheduled game time.

How do I redeem my Flex Vouchers?

Your Flex Vouchers are mobile-only and can be found in your Indians Ticket Account. Login with the email address and password you used to purchase the Flexible Voucher Plan. Once logged in, you will have options to redeem your Flex Voucher(s) and select your desired game. Once you select a game, your ticket(s) will be provided for use in the Ballpark App or your Indians Ticket Account to be scanned for admission into Progressive Field for the selected game.

If I redeem Flex Vouchers for friends and family, how do they get their tickets?

After Flex Vouchers have been redeemed, the ticket barcodes will be available on one device inside the MLB Ballpark App. If you have two people in your group, two tickets can be scanned from your mobile device for admission into Progressive Field, or you can forward a ticket through the MLB Ballpark App by email or text.

What seating categories are available with my Flex Vouchers?

Depending on which Flex Voucher Plan you purchased, your Flex Vouchers are eligible for redemptions in Upper Box, Upper Reserve, or Family Deck (Upper Level); Lower Box or Lower Reserve (Lower Level); Upper Bleachers or Lower Bleachers (Bleachers).

When I redeem my voucher for a game, how do I select my seats?

During your redemption process you will be able to select your seats from the map just like the standard purchase flow.

Do I get the gate giveaway with my Flex Voucher ticket?

Your Flex Voucher ticket is eligible for the gate giveaways, while supplies last.

Can I exchange my Flex Voucher ticket if I’m unable to attend the game?

No, Flex Voucher tickets are not eligible for exchanges.

Can I sell my Flex Vouchers?

No, Flex Vouchers are not eligible for resale. Resale of Flex Vouchers is strictly prohibited.

Can I sell my Flex Voucher tickets if I’m unable to attend the game?

Flex Voucher tickets are subject to the Cleveland Indians Ticket Transfer Restrictions set forth in the Ticket Terms and Conditions.