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2018 Postseason Information


Retain possession of the Ticket until the Event has concluded. The Ticket cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or destroyed. The Ticket is good only for the particular Event indicated on the Ticket, and no part of the purchase price will be refunded by reason of the failure of Holder to use it for the Event. Should the Event be postponed or otherwise not completed, the Ticket will admit the Holder on the date or dates on which such Event is rescheduled or resumed, as may be announced in the sole discretion of the BOC. No part of the purchase price will be refunded by reason of the failure of the Holder to use the Ticket on such rescheduled or resumed date or dates. All Events and Event activities are subject to cancellation. Any refunds for unplayed Events from Cleveland Indians season ticket holder 2018 postseason strip(s) (regular and additional) will rollover and be credited to 2019 season tickets. Online fees from strip purchases, however, are not refundable even if the Event is not played. In the event any other purchased 2018 postseason Event(s) goes unplayed, (whether 2018 postseason strips for non-season Ticket Holders or single game postseason purchases) a refund will be issued, less any convenience or processing fees associated with the ticket purchase. For more information please visit or call 216-420-HITS. For tickets issued through Major League Baseball's central office, broadcast partners or participating or non-participating Clubs (each, an "Issuer"), Holder will receive an automatic credit from the Issuer; such tickets should not be returned and will have no cash value.