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Complimentary Gameday Greetings

Submissions must follow our scoreboard guidelines below and be entered at least 72 hours prior to the selected game (messages will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis). AVAILABLE FOR ALL 2019 REGULAR SEASON HOME GAMES EXCEPT: OPENING DAY (April 4), SUBWAY SERIES (July 2 & 3) AND SATURDAY GAMES JULY THRU SEPT. Tickets subject to availability. SCOREBOARD MESSAGES CAN BE REDEEMED BEGINNING IN MARCH 2019.


The Mets display the first 25 approved birthday, anniversary and congratulatory messages submitted in advance of each home game date. Space is limited, so order your scoreboard message today.


All Scoreboard Messages will be displayed on the Right Field Scoreboard, which is located atop the Coca-Cola Corner. Please note that some seating sections do not have a direct view of this scoreboard, and depending upon your seat location, you may need to move toward the third base side of the ballpark to view your scoreboard message. Not all seats have a direct view of all the information on the Right Field scoreboard.

Scoreboard messages are displayed during inning breaks beginning in the middle of the 4th inning. Depending upon the number of requests, scoreboard messages will often continue into subsequent inning breaks until all approved messages have run.


Tues: previous Friday - 72 hours before selected game start time
Wed: previous Monday - 48 hours before selected game start time
Thurs: previous Tuesday - 48 hours before selected game start time
Fri: previous Wednesday - 48 hours before selected game start time
Sat, Sun, Mon: 72 hours before selected game start time


The Mets reserve the right to edit any message if necessary.

Messages that contain potentially obscene, offensive or mean-spirited language will not be accepted. Messages may only contain uppercase letters, numbers, spaces and basic punctuation (including periods(.), exclamation points(!), apostrophes(') and hyphens(-)). Messages may not include the names of players or other professional teams. Requests containing marriage proposals and "in memoriam" messages will not be accepted. Messages may not be used for commercial purposes or contain web URLs, phone numbers, email or social media addresses. However, company groups attending a game may welcome their companies by name. The Mets reserve the right to edit or modify messages that do not meet these guidelines or fit within the allotted space.


Messages can be 3 lines/32 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation.


If you do not see the game listed, you may have missed the deadline to order or all of the available messages have been sold. Orders will be processed in the order in which they are received and will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. You will receive e-mail confirmation shortly after the close of the submission period to confirm your order.

For additional questions, please email [email protected]