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All-Star Game interview with Cano

Q. Robbie, how you doing?


Q. What happened?

ROBINSON CANO:  I mean, it was on the corner inside, ended up hitting my quad. But we did an X‑ray and everything was negative.

Q. How concerned were you?

ROBINSON CANO:  In the beginning, just feel like a little tight. I didn't want to aggravate it and just try to play through a situation, and, you know, you just want to be out of the game and put it on ice the next two days and just nothing ‑‑ nothing bad.

Q. They said X‑rays are negative, but what did they tell you it is? Is it a bruise?

ROBINSON CANO:  They said it's ‑‑ I would say bruise (right quad contusion).

Q. And how about what you do from here, do you have to rest a day?

ROBINSON CANO:  Well, I mean, they said just put ice on it for the next few days, but you know, I'm looking fine and just a little bit, I would say, not pain, just tight a little bit.

Q. Will you play Friday?

ROBINSON CANO:  Yeah, hopefully yeah.

Q. What did you say to Matt and what did he say to you when you walked past the mound?

ROBINSON CANO:  He said: "My bad."

I said: No problem." I know he don't want to hit nobody, but just part of the game so, what else you can do.

Q. Given the lead‑up to this game, is it disappointing to be in and out as quickly as you were?

ROBINSON CANO: Yeah, of course. You've been waiting for this moment for a long time. I mean, that's like any kid's dream come true: You're in front of the home crowd, second pitch of the game. It's disappointing, but at the same time, you know, that's part of the game so, what else you can say.

Q. Have you spoken to anybody from the Yankees yet?

ROBINSON CANO: Oh, yeah, they called Steve and everything is good with them. They said just put ice on it, the X‑ray was negative, and get some rest.

Q. Did it tighten up when you got on base, because you went to base first, did it tighten up on you?

ROBINSON CANO: Well, no, at first you feel, you get hit there, but not like that, but you know, I was on the base, and trying to move and feel a little tight. I said, I'm not going to take my chances, probably make that worse.

Q. Would you do the same thing regular season game?

ROBINSON CANO: Well, it's easy in the regular season. I know this is a game, you do it for the fans, but at the same time, you have to be smart. You don't want to make that worse.

Q. When it happened, are you thinking, 'I'm the only healthy Yankee left, and now I'm getting hurt in the All‑Star Game'?

ROBINSON CANO: Well, that never went through my mind. My mind was not something like bad, that you can miss some of the season's game. Like I said, just get it X‑rayed here, and came out negative and it's a little bruise.

Q. When did Matt say that to you, when you were walking to first base, walking to first base or ‑‑

ROBINSON CANO: Coming off the field. He was like, "my bad," and, well, what else can you say. I don't want to hit nobody on purpose.

Q. Do you feel it in the knee at all or just the quad?

ROBINSON CANO: No, just the quad. I don't feel anything in the knee.

Q.  Will you stick around the rest of the night or will you go home and rest?

ROBINSON CANO:  I'm going to stay a little bit and watch the game ask support my teammates and, you know, what else, it's nobody's fault. Just got to cheer for the guys the same way that the guys on the bench was doing for us.

Q. Do you want to stay to watch Mariano?

ROBINSON CANO: Oh, yes, that's my goal, just watch Mariano and like I said from the beginning, I mean, it's an honor, to be with a guy like Mariano, see me coming up through the seasons, when I was signed, 18 years old, and then, you know, now I'm 30.

So to be able to see him and spend the time here with him, I mean, why not stay here and just watch and see if he can pitch.

Q. How does it feel right now?