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Derrick Hall chat transcript: Oct. 10

During his October chat with fans, D-backs president and CEO Derrick Hall discussed the goal of getting to the postseason in 2014 and front-office plans for the offseason, including bolstering the rotation and providing more power.

Derrick_Hall: Good afternoon everyone. I wish we were still playing, but these series have been fun to watch.

teddy1934: Hi Derrick. Is Mark Grace involved with the AZ Fall League? Is your stomach ailment healed? After following baseball for many years I've often wondered why do pitchers walk so many opposing pitchers and/or throw so many pitches to them?

Derrick_Hall: Gracie was our hitting instructor for the Arizona Summer League team and did a terrific job. He is not a part of the Fall League staff.

teddy1934: Is Miggy still in the hospital? How is his finger healing? Appreciate the update!

Derrick_Hall: He is being released and is doing well now. The infection is all cleared up now.

tdog19: Will Greg Schulte and Tom Candiotti still be doing the radio broadcasts next season?

Derrick_Hall: They most certainly will be back. I think they are as good a radio team as there is in baseball. They work well together and really know each other.

tdog19: Will the starting rotation more or less remain the same next season?

Derrick_Hall: At this point I would say yes, but as you know, we are always looking to improve and will have discussions with several teams to see if we can.

tdog19: Hello, Mr. Hall. Overall, it was a good season in 2013. What do you think needs to change in 2014 in order to go to the playoffs next season?

Derrick_Hall: We were not pleased with the results. Even though we have not had a losing record in the last three seasons, we expect to get to the postseason. It will help to have a healthy roster. I do not like to use injuries as an excuse, but we lost so much DL time to Hill, Eaton, Montero, Hudson, Reynolds, Cahill, McCarthy, Bloomquist, Chavez and Ross to name some. We never really saw the whole team together, and know the results would have been better. We will still look to bolster our rotation and to provide more power in the offseason.

d824: Will there be additional coaching changes?

Derrick_Hall: We still may see some changes, depending on our guys being interviewed for managerial openings or other positions. We would naturally like to get these positions set as soon as possible to move on and prepare for the upcoming season.

RH6194: Is there any talk about acquiring a new closer? Ziegler did well in the role although he doesn't seem to feel comfortable in it.

Derrick_Hall: He did a great job for us, and we feel like we have the candidates in-house between him, Hernandez, Stites, Barrett and Putz.

Dbacker: I have seen reports of the firing of Nagy and Sax. Who made that call and what about the future of Gibson, Williams and Baylor?

Derrick_Hall: All of our other coaches have been asked to return. The General Manager and the Manager make the decisions on coaching staff.

tdog19: Who will be the TV broadcasters next season? Will you be bringing back Steve and Bob?

Derrick_Hall: Yes, Steve Berthiaume and Bob Brenly will be back next season. It is great watching Bob in the postseason. He is one of the best in the business.

red_leader: How do you feel about the media attention we're getting right now following KT's remarks? To me, that's baseball and everyone knows it -- the fuss seems hypocritical.

Derrick_Hall: Thanks for saying that. KT was not looking to make headlines or ruffle feathers, nor was he saying we should hit anybody. He was stressing the importance of our pitching staff being tougher and providing the opposition with uncomfortable at-bats. He is a former pitcher with a pitcher's mentality.

tdog19: Mr. Hall, will Daniel Hudson be healthy by the All-Star Break in 2014?

Derrick_Hall: We certainly hope so. He has been working hard during his rehab and we are pulling for him. He is a terrific young man with a great deal of talent. We were hoping for his return this past season and sure hope he bounces back during the 2014 campaign.

Dbacker: Have you targeted a bat to cover behind Goldy next year? Or are you happy with who we have?

Derrick_Hall: If our players are healthy and having the season we expect them to have, we have the protection. But our General Manager is on record saying he would like to find a power bat perhaps in the form of a corner outfielder. We do believe in the guys that we have and believe the results would have been different with consistent health around Goldy in the line-up.

Derrick_Hall: We have run out of time. Thanks so much for joining us and your support of this organization. It should be a fun and busy offseason. I look forward to chatting with you all offseason long.

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