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Derrick Hall chat transcript: April 4

During his April web chat, D-backs President and CEO Derrick Hall chatted with fans about the team's exciting 16-inning win over the Cardinals on Wednesday night at Chase Field, the status of rehabbing players, and the rebuilt bench.

Derrick_Hall: Hello everyone. Are you as tired as me? Welcome to this month's chat.

snakesnos: Hi Derrick. What an amazing game last night. I'm glad I stayed! Is Chavez OK? He took a nasty pitch to the arm and went down hard...

Derrick_Hall: It was one of the most enjoyable games I have ever watched. As for Eric, it is too early to say, but we think he will be fine and that it is just a deep bruise.

Dbacker: Derrick, I am very pleased with how our team has started this season. They have shown me everything that we were told to expect. Danette and I loved Opening Day, especially your insurance commercials. You are the best!

Derrick_Hall: Thanks so much. These guys have a lot of fight in them and are very tough outs. Opening Day was especially great. Nothing like delivering a big win to a sold out crowd. Chase Field was sparkling.

jack789: Hey Derrick, great to speak with you. I was at the game last night. What a great night. I really appreciate the efforts of Gerardo Parra. He plays the game the way it should be played. I wish Gibby would leave him in the lineup everyday. He's off to an amazing start.

Derrick_Hall: And he's a terrific young man who loves his fans. He is an exciting player indeed. Again, we are so fortunate to have the outfield depth. It will be nice to have more options when Cody Ross and Adam Eaton return too.

roman109: First off -- thanks for keeping ticket prices low and the ballpark experience family friendly! I appreciate Randy Johnson's accomplishments with the D-backs. How is the relationship with him? Do you anticipate celebrating him in any way this year?

Derrick_Hall: Thanks so much for the comments. We were just listed as having the lowest prices in baseball for a family of four when it comes to tickets, parking, food, drink, programs and merchandise. Very proud of this for yet another year. Randy came around in spring and it was great having him there. The relationship is a good one and I hope to have him around on a more permanent basis in the coming years.

teddy1934: Burt and BB are awesome! Jodi and Joe are awesome too! Please keep Todd doing his 10th Inning Programs, but please don't pair him up with Joe. The "new" team are exceeding expectations and we wish them success at every last night!

Derrick_Hall: Thanks for your comments as well. The feedback on the new announcers has been superb. We also enjoy working with all of the Fox Sports Arizona personalities, including Todd. He is versatile and talented in our opinions.

vindeaz: I know its only three games, but it seems the rebuilt bench is exactly what you were looking for. Your thoughts on specific individuals?

Derrick_Hall: I agree. We really did not give Gibby many bench options last season. Now he has Eric Chavez, Eric Hinske, and a combination of (depending on health) Willie Bloomquist, fourth outfielder, and Wil Nieves. These veterans coming off the bench to hit or to play in the field late give Gibby some great options.

abraves39: There have been rumors tossed around about the ballpark seating and ticket prices. What are your intentions, once the current agreement is done? Are there plans to reduce the amount of seats available, and in turn raising ticket prices?

Derrick_Hall: There are no such plans. We have always said we think the ballpark could be smaller for intimacy and intensity, but it is what it is. Sure, is nice for nights like Opening Day and playoffs. We have no plans to reduce capacity now or any time in the near future.

dc15nc: Great start, Derrick. Congrats. Saw an ad for Sonoran Style Hot Dogs. Where can we find those in the park?

Derrick_Hall: It has been a huge hit so far. Diamondback dog wrapped in bacon, with pinto beans, mayonnaise, tomatoes and cheese. I can't eat it, but those who have love it. It is on the main and upper concourses at Red Hots.

tswinders: Derrick, just wondering about the status of Cody Ross and Adam Eaton. How are they coming along on their injuries and when they might be back? I know Adam's was far worse than Cody's.

Derrick_Hall: Cody is much closer to joining us. He is beginning a rehab assignment today in Visalia and we will hopefully see him up here at some point next week. Adam began hitting in the cages again today, but will not be throwing for several weeks.

ssher25: Outside of the incredible sweet 16-inning win this morning -- awesome game and worth the lack of sleep any day -- what has been your "sweet" moment by or for a fan and player so far this season.

Derrick_Hall: Having Brandon Webb back to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day was special to me. As for players, it is difficult to choose. Parra, Goldy and Prado have been terrific, but Ian Kennedy's start got me excited.

snakesnos: Can you offer any insight into Heath Bell's performance on Monday? It was suggested that he may have been tipping his pitches. Was it Opening Day jitters?

Derrick_Hall: They are already breaking down video on the outing and I am confident he will get corrected. It was a matter of location, which should not be a huge concern to correct. His velocity and arm strength was great. This is a big positive.

dbacker89: Hello Mr. Hall! I just want to say you've done a fantastic job with this organization on all fronts. From on field to off field -- it's an amazing environment. No real question, just wanted to let you know we appreciate you.

Derrick_Hall: Thank you so much for the kind words. It is not me. It is our incredibly creative, talented and passionate staff. They bleed Sedona Red and whistle while they work. Best front office team in all of sports -- no doubt!

tswinders: How is Didi progressing as well? He looked good with the bat in the spring.

Derrick_Hall: He is going on a rehab assignment as well and should not be far off. He will go to Reno on the 8th. His bat was really encouraging this spring, especially since his reputation is as a stellar fielder.

mattopi: Hey Derrick, really appreciate the time you take to connect with fans. As a sports HR professional, I can't state how impressed I have been with the D-backs organization and the culture you've been able to foster. What advice do you have for someone hoping to get into the business?

Derrick_Hall: We have a wonderful culture and it keeps getting better and better. I always recommend just getting your foot in the door, any way you can. Be it an entry level position, an internship, etc. Like any industry, just get the door open and then impress everyone around you.

todd3_: Could you please give us the details of Goldschmidt's contract?

Derrick_Hall: It is a five-year deal with a club option for a sixth. It locks him in with us through his arbitration years and one of his free agent years, with the potential for two free agent years. Great deal for both. Love the kid!

Dbacker: What is the latest round in your fight against cancer?

Derrick_Hall: Thanks for asking. My last two blood tests have come back in our favor, with cancer not being detectable. I am still going every three months for now, but let's hope this is the trend for go.

vindeaz: One win playing small ball, one win hitting the long ball, what do you think will be the norm? Pre-season the talk was small ball, but these guys have some pop!

Derrick_Hall: Well, the media has fed off of this small ball notion, and there is some truth to that. We have been confident that our team would find ways to score other than the three-run homer. However, I have always said and believed that this team has plenty of power with Goldy, Miggy, Hill, Prado, Ross, Chavez, Hinske, and on and on. We have a lot of power, but we also have selfless players who will sacrifice themselves and their at-bats for the good of the team. That's where the small ball will take place. We showed a lot of pop last night, but we really won because of the small ball infused throughout that game. These guys never give up.

Derrick_Hall: We are out of time for this month. Thanks so much for joining me and for your support of this team. Go D-backs!

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