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Former Giants pitcher helping with replay system

PHOENIX -- John D'Acquisto relishes his new part-time job.

"I've got the best seat in the house," said D'Acquisto, the former Giants right-hander who sits next to the visitors' dugout at Chase Field. D'Acquisto, who lives in north Phoenix, serves as part of the three-person crew that functions as a conduit in the new replay system between the command center in New York and the ballpark.

D'Acquisto and his pair of counterparts are distinguished by the red shirts and caps they wear. Their official title is "field timing coordinator," and their goal is to help the review process proceed as smoothly and quickly as possible -- something that players insisted upon when the replay procedure was being devised.

"Being an ex-player, I kind of feel at home with that request," said D'Acquisto, 62, who began his 10-year Major League career by pitching for the Giants from 1973-76. His best year was 1974, when he finished 12-14 with a 3.77 ERA.

Among D'Acquisto's duties is to alert the command center of a potential challenge during the 10-second window when a manager leaves the dugout to discuss a call with an umpire. After a challenge is reviewed, D'Acquisto or another field timing coordinator relays the decision to the stadium's public-address announcer.

D'Acquisto doesn't get involved with the rulings made by game umpires or the challenges submitted by a manager.

"I take no instruction from anybody but New York," said D'Acquisto, whose activities away from the ballpark include writing about baseball for a sports website.

Chris Haft is a reporter for Read his blog, Haft-Baked Ideas, and follow him on Twitter at @sfgiantsbeat.
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