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Hello, Jerry: Seinfeld joins Mets' broadcasters

Diehard Mets fan Jerry Seinfeld joined the Mets television and radio broadcasts Saturday to call a few innings of New York's 2-0 loss to Washington, and to reveal some of his favorite moments of the 2015 season.

"It's Nirvana for me," said Seinfeld, a Long Island native and Mets fan since the 1960s. "Obviously, if it ends soon it'll be a little bit of a disappointment. But the team itself has just been fantastic."

The comedy legend first brought his son, Shepherd, into the television booth with Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez. Then, Seinfeld went into the radio booth with Howie Rose and Wayne Randazzo. When offered the chance to call play-by-play, Seinfeld first declined.

"I rather just criticize," he quipped.

Seinfeld spent an inning in the radio booth, and an inning and a half in the television booth with old friend Hernandez, who memorably guest starred on Seinfeld in February 1992.

"It was a big comeback for him in comedy," Seinfeld teased Hernandez. "A lot of people thought he was out of comedy in '92. And he came back."

"That was 23 years ago," Cohen replied. "Is he ready for another project?"

"No," Seinfeld said. "He's not ready."

Video: [email protected]: Seinfeld teases Keith for giving up on grey

Seinfeld previously visited Citi Field's fifth floor operations during the 2010 and '13 seasons. Both times, like Saturday, he entertained the audience by doing what he does best -- basically talking about nothing.

Seinfeld graduated from Queens College, located less than three miles from Citi Field. On Saturday he rooted for his favorite team as it prepared for its first postseason appearance since 2006. Seinfeld vowed to be back when the National League Division Series begins.

"We'll be here, every game," Seinfeld said.

Here are a few highlights from his most recent visit.

- Before Seinfeld arrived, Hernandez flexed some of his own sarcastic muscles, saying he hasn't heard from Seinfeld in a while.

"I haven't heard from him lately, is he staling out? Maybe he'll try some new material out on the show. Is he getting stale?" Hernandez joked.

- When asked if Seinfeld attended the first game of Saturday's doubleheader, which was played in damp conditions that included temperatures in the fifties, he said, "No, I can only take one of these."

"I feel the same way," Hernandez replied. "I can only take one of these."

- Seinfeld on wives of sports fans: "Wives can enjoy when the team is good. They can't enjoy it when the team is struggling."

Cohen: "So you're saying they're front runners?"

Seinfeld: "Yes, I am. Come and get me."

- When he was asked about his favorite moment of the 2015 season, Seinfeld responded the way most Mets fans would. He cited Wilmer Flores.

"We know players get traded, we know things happen," Seinfeld said. "But we never see the players face when he gets traded. We saw that for the first time that night. And we saw these guys do care about being on a team after putting all the time in. For the fans to see that, it was really emotional, and it really bonded us to him, him to the fans and I think the fans gelled around that."

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