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Luis Gonzalez chat transcript: Nov. 7

Luis Gonzalez, one of the most popular figures in D-backs history, participated in an online chat with fans on Thursday. Gonzo is currently a special assistant to president & CEO Derrick Hall.

Luis_Gonzalez: G'day mates! It's a honor to fill in for Derrick this month while he's flying back from Australia after spending a week there gearing up for our 2014 season opener.

jnfriedman: What is a moment in your baseball playing career other than Game 7 of the World Series that you will always remember?

Luis_Gonzalez: The 30th game of my 30-game hitting streak in San Francisco in 1999. Just the pressure of trying to get to 30 games and to be able to do it early in the game was pretty cool.

drsnake: Who do the D-backs have on their radar as potential pitching and bullpen coaches?

Luis_Gonzalez: Kevin Towers and his staff are doing full-on research to see which coaches are available and the best fit for our organization.

scout01: What advice do you give to kids that want to play professional baseball?

Luis_Gonzalez: Just to stay positive and keep working on your skills. There are endless opportunities out there. You can get a college education through baseball or even make it to the big leagues someday and sign a professional contract.

td824: Have you been approached or would you consider being a coach and share your vast knowledge and skills?

Luis_Gonzalez: Since I missed so much of my kids growing up, I've really enjoyed being able to be there for them the past five years and would consider the opportunity once they graduate from high school in the next few years.

dc15nc: Will Cody Ross be ready and fully healthy for Spring Training?

Luis_Gonzalez: He's rehabbing and working as hard as he can to try to be ready for Opening Day. I played with Cody and knowing him, he'll do everything he can to be ready to go.

dbackslg: What is your most memorable experience meeting one of your fans?

Luis_Gonzalez: I've had a lot of great experiences with the fans. They're the ones that motivate you every night to try to go out there and play well. They're why we play this game.

scout01: What, in your opinion, do the D-backs need to do to make it to the playoffs next year, and ultimately win a championship?

Luis_Gonzalez: I think it's important for us to stay healthy and get out of the gates with a good start.

dc15nc: What position will Mark Grace be holding for the organization in 2014? Was he considered for the hitting coach this year?

Luis_Gonzalez: Gracie has done a fantastic job with our rookie ball players out at Salt River Fields. Turner Ward was our assistant hitting coach last season and has a rapport with a lot of the younger players that are now in the big leagues like Goldy.

scout01: Do you think Goldschmidt will win MVP?

Luis_Gonzalez: I hope that he has enough votes to win Most Valuable Player. To me, he had the best all-around year by far, and without him, there's no telling where our team would have been.

Beth Simek via Facebook: What was/is the most challenging aspect to balancing your professional life with your family life?

Luis_Gonzalez: The toughest part is keeping up with my family's schedule. I have two girls and a boy and they each are involved in different activities.

teddy1934: Hi Gonzo -- Look forward to hearing from you today! Why do NL pitchers seem to have a problem pitching to opposing pitchers at the plate? It appears to occur far too frequently since most pitchers are not adept at batting!

Luis_Gonzalez: I think they just try to be too careful and they sometimes either end up walking them or giving them too good of a pitch to hit. Some pitchers are just good hitters, too. Quite a few are former position players that switched to pitching sometime in their career.

Luis_Gonzalez: Thanks for the questions, everyone! Hope to see some of you at Salt River Fields this Saturday for the Military Appreciation Game with the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team. It'll be an honor to be out there with men and women that sacrificed so much for our country and I look forward to being on the field with true American heroes.

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