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Marlins keeping transfer rule in mind in the field

MIAMI -- MLB's strictly enforced transfer rule has certainly gotten the attention of the Marlins, and it happened to play a big role in Friday night's 8-4 walk-off win over the Mariners at Marlins Park.

Giancarlo Stanton's game-ending grand slam was set up by an overturned call, because replay showed Seattle third baseman Kyle Seager didn't completely secure the baseball on the transfer when Marcell Ozuna's bunt moved Reed Johnson to third.

"That was our first real challenge that we had that we've won," Miami manager Mike Redmond said. "It was big, getting Stanton up there with the bases loaded, and it worked out."

Initially, third-base umpire Lance Barrett ruled Johnson out at third after Seager received the throw from pitcher Yoervis Medina, who fielded Ozuna's bunt. But replay showed Seager didn't have full possession on the transfer, and Johnson was ruled safe.

"I've read the rule," Redmond said. "I think the plays that we've all watched and have seen throughout the big leagues this year, you definitely have to be able to pull the ball out of your glove and have possession of it."

The rule is impacting infielders and outfielders. Some are calling for a tweak to the rule. As of now, the league is seeking full possession, and even the smallest bobbles are going against the fielders.

"As far as where is it headed, I have no idea," Redmond said. "It's a rule we're all aware of, and you have to be able to pull the ball out of your glove and have control of it.

"Maybe now, because of the scrutiny of that play, we're realizing how frequently that play happens, as far as transfers, as far as infielders or outfielders. It's definitely a gray area the way that rule is interpreted."

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