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Myers not a fan of using batting gloves

NEW YORK -- When looking for unique things about Wil Myers, don't forget that the rookie is one of the few guys in the Major Leagues who doesn't use batting gloves when he's hitting.

"Never have I used gloves, it's just something I've always done," Myers said. "I just don't like the feeling I have with gloves. I tried them when I was in Legion ball a few games. I only used one on my bottom hand. But it wasn't for me."

Myers said he deals with the effects of not wearing gloves all year, since he hits during the offseason as well as during the season.

"Right now, I've got a blister here and here," said Myers, pointing to different spots on his hands and fingers. "I got some calluses on there. Not a big deal."

Rays bench coach Dave Martinez never wore batting gloves during his playing career, so he likes seeing a player not use gloves.

"It's awesome, he goes up there naked," Martinez said. "You don't see that any more. I never used batting gloves. The feel of hitting the ball with just the bare hands is pretty cool. Like I said, you don't see it very often anymore. I can't think of a guy now who doesn't go up there using batting gloves except him."

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