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Oct. 13 Anibal Sanchez pregame interview

Q. When you talk about your comfort level with Detroit, since the trade, has it engendered any feelings of wanting to take with this ball team?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: Yeah, right now I'm really, you know, together with the team. I say that when I come here it is really tough for me because nobody know me, especially with the teammates, how to make friends on the team. But right now everybody on the same page. I am really excited to be part of this team, especially the rotation, a pretty good rotation right now. And, you know, I feel really, really happy to be part of this and being on this part of the season.

Q. It's been a while since your debut, but you debuted here in New York. What are some of your memories from that experience and, also, pitching in Oakland in that environment. How much do you think that has helped you for this start tomorrow?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: Yeah, that's a really good question because today I think about it, you know, that's my first time in the new stadium, the Yankee Stadium. I got my debut in the old stadium, and this was the first time my mom come to U.S. I got a really good story about that.

And the feeling is really exciting. That day is my debut. Everything is like, a lot like fantastic, you know? Basically because I got the win and everything. And today, tomorrow both parents are going to be here. I don't know what will happen but I will do my best and do a good game for my parents and for Detroit.

In Oakland, the experience is amazing. I never be with the fans like that, they loud, support the home team really well. That's a good experience over there.

Q. The question is, the question is, you are playing with the Detroit Tigers and you have three guys from Venezuela. Garcia, Miguel Cabrera and Infante. How do you feel playing with those guys behind you?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: You know, I feel when you have guys like that, especially Miguel and Infante. I played with Miguel for a little while play in 2006 and 2007, especially when you have this guy Miggy in the lineup. He can hit, he can play, he can do the extra thing to help the pitcher make some outs. Infante, I think the best second baseman in the Major Leagues. Two years in a row play with him. I saw amazing catch, amazing play. And they made like I can throw more strikes than I used to, I can throw my pitch because everybody can do the play.

Garcia, a good young guy. He has really good talent, good arm. He can play on the outfield. And he helped me along in my last outing in Oakland.

Q. What did you know about Justin Verlander before you got here and what have you learned about him, especially through the performance in Game 5 the other night?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: Verlander, I just know him from ESPN News, a couple reports about him. I never, you know, never saw this guy before than I come here. But when you see Verlander on the mound, the team and everybody is so comfortable. For me, everybody has to have a lot of credit, this guy is amazing. To know how he worked, know how he pitched, he been there every five day for 120 plus every outing. That is amazing. I am starter and I know how difficult is that, To throw pitch by pitch, be a good pitcher or an active pitcher and healthy through a couple of games, but this guy he's another level. That's what I say. I give a lot of credit to him.

Q. The pitcher you are pitching against, Kuroda, is throwing on short rest. From a pitcher's perspective what is the hardest thing about pitching on short rest? Do you think it will be an advantage for you guys?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: I mean this outing is my five days. I mean, I don't have short rest so far. I threw Tuesday and tomorrow is Sunday. This is my five days and I do my routine.

I'm preparing for tomorrow and you know I feel great. I think everything keep working like the regular season.

Q. In terms of Kuroda, Kuroda will be throwing on three days' rest. Do you think it will be an advantage to you guys?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: I don't know him. I don't know if he throw before like that on short rest. I can't tell you too much about him. I can just answer my own opinion.

Q. You mentioned how Sanchez helped you in Oakland. What did he do?


Q. Excuse me, Garcia. What did he do in Oakland?

ANIBAL SANCHEZ: He make a couple of plays for me. On the line he made the play. That is good for the outfielder.