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Oct. 27 Matt Cain pregame interview

Q. When you go out there tomorrow, does your approach change whether the series is 3 0 or 2 1?

MATT CAIN: No, it really doesn't. I mean, I'm going out there to pitch to win and to help my team do that. But yeah, it doesn't change anything.

Q. Do you have any tricks to stay warm when it's supposed to be cold and windy and such?

MATT CAIN: I mean, normal jacket or sweatshirt is pretty much fine for me. We're used to playing in some chilly weather in San Francisco. It's a little bit cooler temperature wise, but cold is cold, you kind of just have to get through it.

Q. Can you just describe your team's attitude toward being up 2 0 right now and the way you view the Tigers at this point in the series.

MATT CAIN: Yeah, the guys are playing real well. I think we carried over what we had done in the past couple series into this series, and that's good, because we put ourselves in deep holes the last time.

But our guys are having fun and relaxed and they're focused on what they need to do, and we know that those guys on the other side are doing the same thing. They're going to be gunning for us.

Q. Regardless of what happens tonight, big game tomorrow obviously, do you try to relish that and soak that up, or do you try to trick yourself into thinking it's another game?

MATT CAIN: You try to trick yourself into thinking it's another game, but you know what's going on. It's like your mind and your body, they know what's going on. They know it's going to be a big game in the World Series, whether we're up 3 0 or 2 1. You definitely know what's going on, so you're going about it real focused, and just trying to get the job done.

Q. Your pitchers in the first two games did a good job on Cabrera and Fielder. Are those two guys in your meetings that you really do kind of focus on as guys you don't want to beat you, just as I assume the other guys say the same thing about Buster?

MATT CAIN: Yeah, those two, but the biggest thing is taking care of the guys in front of them. If you can get the first two guys out in front of them or keep them off the bases when those guys got RBI situations, it just makes it a little bit easier stress wise. When you've got a couple guys on with Cabrera or Fielder or Young on, things aren't going so well. So you've got to focus on the guys in front of them, as well. It's just not the guys in the middle.

Q. Is there an actual advantage for you not only having been through this before but having succeeded at it?

MATT CAIN: I think so a little bit, but start to start it's different, year to year it's different. But you try to think back to kind of what goes on throughout the playoffs or the World Series, and sometimes there's lots of stuff that can go on with media and signing different things or just the whole entire atmosphere can get a little overwhelming. So I think that's where it's beneficial to be in this situation before.

Q. Physically speaking, you're an extra month into the season now. I know you went through the same thing two years ago. Is there anything from that experience physically speaking that allows you to push deeper? And how do you feel right now, all the different parts?

MATT CAIN: Everything feels good. You know, I think with what we've done throughout the season, we've tried to prepare ourselves for getting into the playoffs, and Carl (Kochan) has done a good job of taking care of us in the postseason and making sure we're not doing too much but doing enough.

And then mainly it's going to be a lot of a lot of it is adrenaline. You're out there and you know the situation. You are just really excited, and I think that pushes you through a lot of it.

Q. After you pitched on Monday and won the NLCS, did you expect to be given the Game 4 assignment or did you think you might get the 3? Were you involved in that process, that discussion at all?

MATT CAIN: No, I mean, I was going to take the ball whenever they wanted me to take it, and that's always been my way. Whenever they want me to pitch, I'm going to take it. Take the ball, and go out there and try to find a way to win.

Q. Going into the postseason the numbers didn't paint the Giants as a great defensive team, but would you agree that certainly it's played out differently? And how important has the defense been to your pitching?

MATT CAIN: It's been huge with guys just being in the right spots and guys being able to run down some balls for us in the outfield and doing a lot of things in the infield, because personally I've always felt like we've had a great defensive team every time I've gone out there to pitch, and I've always benefitted from these guys behind me.

Q. After what happened to Brandon at the end of the season and Doug on Thursday, there's been some preliminary discussions about some added headgear for pitchers moving forward. What are your thoughts on that?

MATT CAIN: I don't really know, and I haven't put a ton of thought into it. I've seen some we actually had a guy that was in our organization that wore a helmet. I mean, obviously it's not the best looking thing, but safety wise, I mean, obviously it's beneficial.

I haven't really dug too deep into it.

Q. For most of your career you weren't getting a lot of run support, and I'm just curious if that in some ways made you a better pitcher. If you can expand on that.

MATT CAIN: Yeah, it definitely did. I think it definitely taught me how to pitch in close situations and in close games, try to find ways to dig yourself out of sticky innings or things like that. So I think it definitely benefitted me early in my career to learn how to do that.

And I think it's definitely made me better.